(Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute)

How can We Nominate Someone?

  1. The individual must be nominated by three (3), members in good standing of CCI. The nominee shall NOTbe advised of his or her nomination in advance;

  2. The nomination form issued by the National Board must be used and be fully completed. The form (PDF format) can be downloaded by clicking here.

  3. An original copy of the nomination form is to be forwarded to the Chair of the Membership Committee. A facsimile is acceptable. A form sent by E-mail is acceptable provided the original, (signed) copy is received within the stipulated time, (see 6 below);

  4. A copy of the nomination form is to be retained by, (or forwarded to) the Board of Directors of the chapter which the nominee is affiliated with;

  5. All nomination forms must be delivered to the national office by no later than September 1st, in any given year in order that the FCCI recipients can be approved and, if applicable, be awarded their FCCI at the Annual General Meeting, ("AGM") of CCI; and

  6. If it appears unlikely that the recipient of the FCCI will attend the National AGM the persons nominating the individual must indicate on the nomination form under the heading of "Other Information" where and when the FCCI will be presented to the recipient by the Board of the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated.


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