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Who Approves The Nomination?

  1. The Membership Committee of the National Board of Directors of CCI will review the nomination and make its recommendation to the National Board of Directors as to whether the nominee should or should not receive the FCCI. The Membership Committee may request that further information concerning the nominee be provided to assist it in making its recommendation.

  2. The person nominated must be a member of the nominating chapter, nominations by others must be submitted to the Chapter and approved by the Chapter. The Chapter must review all nominations and the most deserving member should be nominated for the award.

  3. The National Board has the right and ability to present exceptions to the rules where warranted and agreed to by the Board.

  4. The National Board of Directors of CCI will determine whether or not the FCCI shall be awarded but shall, in making its decision, take into consideration the Membership Committee’s recommendations.

  5. If the nomination is rejected by the National Board of Directors, the Membership Committee will so notify those individuals making the nomination and the Board of Directors for the chapter with which the nominee is affiliated. There is no appeal for this decision but the individual may be nominated again during the following fiscal year of the corporation.

  6. If the National Board approves of the awarding of the FCCI the Membership Committee shall notify the recipient as soon as is possible, unless requested not to by the Board of the Chapter with which the recipient is affiliated, (eg. to allow the local board some opportunity to prepare for a formal presentation — this should be noted in the nomination form) and shall also notify the Board of Directors of the chapter with which the recipient is affiliated.


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