Start Time End Time THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 2023
10:00 AM 10:05 AM Opening remarks (CCI National President's remarks / CCI National Events Co-Chair remarks)
10:05 AM 10:55 AM

SESSION #1 - AI in the Condo Industry: Opportunities and Hazards

How can AI be used in the condominium industry? What potential pitfalls must be considered? There is a plethora of AI enabled solutions in the marketplace, which can be leveraged in different areas from marketing and operations to customer support. In this seminar, a forward-thinking property manager, condominium lawyer, and software company founder will walk through several AI use cases relevant to condominiums. We will also examine potential hazards that we need to be mindful of when leveraging these AI solutions.

Heather Dickenson (Condominium Manager, Dickenson Condo Management)
Salim Dharssi (CEO of Managemate)
Christy Allen (Davidson Houle Allen)

10:55 AM 11:10 AM CCI National Committee updates
11:25 AM 11:50 PM

SESSION #2 - Social Media

This session focuses on social media best practices with a focus on copywriting, the use of AI, graphics for social media and the use of templates.

Theresa Place (President and Founder, Theresa Place Media Inc.)
Maggie Matian (Marketing Manager, Theresa Place Media Inc.)

11:50 AM 12:15 PM

SESSION #3 - EV Chargers and The ZEVIP (Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure program)

The ZEVIP (Zero Emission Vehicle Infrastructure program) is a multi-year federally funded program that provides subsidies in the form of cash rebates to support the deployment of EV charging stations (EVSEs) in Multi Unit Residential Buildings (MURBs).

CCI-South Alberta is partnering with Kaleidoscope Ventures Inc. to take part in the ZEVIP Program, apply for funding, administer and distribute it to Condominium Corporations or Strata.

CCI South Alberta sees this as a value-added bonus to membership with CCI.

Adrian Breitwieser, CRP (Capital Planning Specialist at Entuitive)

12:15 PM 1:00 PM LUNCH & Gamification
1:00 PM 1:30 PM AGM
1:45 PM 2:10 PM

SESSION #4 - From Education to Advocacy

This session is crafted to empower CCI chapters and to help guide effective collaboration with municipalities, recognizing the shared benefits of a proactive and engaged partnership.

We will examine cooperative opportunities and insights into the needs and expectations of municipalities, important for garnering their support and commitment for our condominium communities.

Marie Hanchet, Project Manager, Climate Change and Resiliency, City of Ottawa
Stacey Malcolm, OLCM (Resource & Compliance Manager, Condominium Management Group)

2:10 PM 2:35 PM

Networking Breakout Rooms

Engage in a discussion-based session as we delve into the core pillars of CCI; membership, sponsorship, events, finance, and education. Attendees will have the opportunity to choose a breakout room most suited to their role within their local chapter and are encouraged to bring specific examples or case studies from their own experiences to enrich the discussions. These discussions are intended to set the stage for impactful networking and brainstorming at our next in-person event. The ultimate goal is to foster a collaborative environment where attendees can learn from each other and gather valuable insights for the growth and success of their respective areas. Share your successes, gain insights, and contribute to the collective wisdom of the Canadian condominium community.

Join us for a collaborative exploration of key areas that drive CCI’s success!

2:35 PM 3:25 PM

SESSION #5 - Effective Leadership

Learning from our past and inspiring our future.

Moderator: Andrée Ball, LCCI (current CCI National President)

Pat Cassidy, ACCI, FCCI (CCI National President, 1999-2001)
Jamie Herle, LCCI (CCI National President, 2020-2022)
Deborah Howes, ACCI  (CCI National President, 2002-2004)
Geoff Penney, ACCI (CCI National President, 2012-2014)
Bill Thompson (CCI National President, 2014-2016)

3:25 PM 3:30 PM Closing remarks - see you in Halifax!

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