Canadian Condominium Institute
Hall of Fame

On behalf of the National Board of Directors, I am pleased and proud to announce the creation of the Canadian Condominium Institute's Hall of Fame. Our Hall of Fame will recognize the out-standing and substantial contributions of a very limited number of members. Since its inception in 1982, the Canadian Condominium Institute has relied on the philanthrop-ic and volunteer spirit of its members for the Institute's leadership, growth and success. We have many condominium "heros" in our midst. Among those who give their time and efforts on behalf of the Institute and the condominium community, there are some whose star shines brighter. It is these extra-ordinary individuals whom the Institute will acknowledge as inductees to the Hall of Fame.

Inductees into the CCI Hall of Fame will be and have been members in good standing of CCI for no less than ten years who adhere to the CCI code of ethics. They will have made substantial con-tributions to the Institute or the condominium community, usually locally, provincially and nationally. Inductees will have served the Institute at both the national and chapter level, serving on either the board or a committee. In keeping with the pre-eminent nature of this award, they will have conducted their affairs in a professional and humanitarian manner. The induction may be made posthumously in which case the recipient must have fulfilled these requirements prior to the date of death.

Each Hall of Fame inductee will receive a special gift to recognize the occasion as well as become an honorary lifetime member of CCI, (i.e. no membership fees). The inductee's name will appear on the CCI Hall of Fame plaque which will hang in the CCI National office. Tonight we honour the first inductee into the Canadian Condominium Institute's Hall of Fame, the person to whom this award is dedicated, Gerry Hyman. As you will see, Gerry is highly deserv-ing of this award. To recognize this very special occasion, he will receive a special gift, honorary life-time membership and his name on the plaque. In addition, the CCI National Board is tonight bestowing on Gerry Hyman the status of National Director Emeritus, an acknowledgement of the special relationship that Gerry has with the National Board. Please join me and the National Board in recognizing Gerry Hyman, Hall of Fame inductee.

Deborah M. Howes, LL.B., ACCI, FCCI, C.Arb., C.Med.

2018 Inductee

Jim MacKenzie (South Saskatchewan Chapter)

After 13 years of service, Jim retired from CCI in 2018.
Jim started in the insurance industry in 1990 and joined the Dusyk & Barlow team in 1994. He is an expert on personal lines insurance and travel medical insurance, commercial risks of all sizes including our Massage Therapy Liability program. Jim is licensed in both Saskatchewan and Alberta and is a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (completed with Honours) and won the James Richardson Award from the Insurance Institute of Canada as top management graduate in Canada in the program in 2005. He holds a Master’s degree in Business Administration and a Diploma of Associate in Administration from the University of Regina, and is a sessional lecturer in organizational behaviour for the Faculty of Business Administration. He is a past-president of the Insurance Institute of Saskatchewan and teaches courses on liability, crime and property insurance to CIP students on behalf of the Insurance Institute. Jim speaks French, offering another option for our bilingual members.

Jim has served on the Board of CCI both at the Chapter and National level in various capacities including Vice President and President as well as on a variety of committees including the constitution committee. He has always been available to answer questions from new Condo Board directors and to offer encouragement as they start on their Condo service involvement. He has presented on the topic of insurance to CCI members across the country and in almost every Chapter. He is witty and has a unique sense of humour and loves to play with words. An accomplished amateur photographer, he won the Most Outstanding Photograph award at SaskPhoto at 1999’s Buffalo Days provincial exhibition. Jim is a HAM radio enthusiast and is working towards his HAM radio license. He also enjoys spending time with his family travelling or fiercely competing in board game tournaments. 

2016 Inductee


Rob Giesbrecht is a lifelong resident of Manitoba, who graduated from the University of Manitoba in 1976 with a B.A. (Classics) and in 1980 with an LLB. Rob has been a lawyer in Winnipeg since 1981 and is a partner in Pitblado. Rob's community activities include a long term affiliation with various arts groups in Winnipeg. He currently sits on the Boards of the Winnipeg Singers and the Manitoba Chamber Orchestra.

Rob has served for many years on the Board of Directors and is a past President and has served on various committees of the Manitoba Chapter of the Canadian Condominium Institute ("CCI"). In addition he is a past President and Chair of the National Board of CCI. Other Board experience includes being on the last Board of Directors for Deer Lodge Hospital Inc. before it was absorbed into Winnipeg Regional Health Authority and Rob was its Vice-Chair at the time of the Board's dissolution.

Rob's legal practice includes providing legal and governance advice to many for profit and not-for-profit entities, including many condominium corporations and developers.

On a personal note, Rob has always been a pleasure to have around the CCI Table. We have all been able to vicariously live through his children's adventures as they grew up, and watch as Rob's pride in them shone through. Now, we see that same pride and excitement as he shares stories about his granddaughter.

2015 Inductee

John D Peart, LL.B, ACCI, FCCI

A gentleman and a scholar.  There really are no better words to describe John Peart. 

John has been serving the condominium community since his call to the bar in 1974.  As a result of his long-standing and active involvement with CCI, John is well known by condominium owners and managers throughout Ontario.  He has devoted countless hours over the last 30 years writing and speaking on condominium law and issues of interest in the condominium community.  At the local level, John served as President, Vice President, or Secretary of the Board for 16 years, and dedicated additional time as the Director of Education and Membership.  During that time, he also acted as the Representative to the National Board for 16 years.  At the National level, he has also acted as Chair, President, and Vice President, and served on the Constitution, Education and Membership Committees.  John has also drafted the current National By-Laws, and continues to assist with revisions, as needed.

John was one of the initiators of the Directors Course in Ottawa.  Alongside James Davidson, John introduced, and has been presenting for 15 years,  “Lawyers, Guns and Money”, a “best seller” for our Chapter.  Since 1987, if CCI Ottawa or National needed anything, John didn’t hesitate to offer or contribute.

As one of the lawyers paving the way in the condominium industry, no matter how difficult a file, client, opposing counsel, or disruptive owner may be, John always maintains respect for the person, and handles the issue with the sensitivity and creativeness that a “condo case” requires.  As anyone in the condominium industry knows, meetings of owners can be challenging, at best.  John’s conduct as Chair at these meetings exemplifies his personality.  As one of our long standing members, colleague and friend of John’s describes:

He is always calm, even at the most contentious meetings… he does not lose his cool.  He handles matters in such a way that everyone comes away feeling like they has their say – maybe did not get what they wanted, maybe did not agree – but they had their say.  In Jewish, we have a word: Mench.  This describes a person like John.  Good and decent in every way.

What really shines through is that John truly cares about people.  Not only does he serve our condominium community, he is also an active and effective advocate and leader for our aging community, and specifically issues related to health care and seniors.  John is very proud to be Honorary Legal Counsel to the Community Foundation of Ottawa since 2007, as well as to the Canadian Hospice Palliative Care Association, an area of health about which he feels very strongly.

Our condominium community, both locally and nationally, would not be what it is today without the over 30 years of dedicated and diligent commitment John has made to this industry.  The current and past members of the Board of Directors are honoured and proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside, and learn from, John.

2012 Inductee

Ron Danks, LL.B, ACCI, FCCI

On August 7th, one of the true pioneers of condominium law in Ontario and the unwavering spirit of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter of CCI passed away. Notwithstanding being an Ontario-based lawyer, Ron Danks’ influence, guidance and expertise were national in scope. Ron had been a member of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter of CCI for close to 30 years; 13 years as chapter President and eight years as Vice President, and still on the chapter board at the time of his death. He served on the National Board for 19 years, serving as National President for two years and National Chair for two years, and has sat on and chaired many CCI national committees during that period.

His service on the CCI National Board of Directors and its various committees, was with the same passion, skill and understanding that were hallmarks of his approach to condominium matters. Regardless of an issue being of a development, legal, governance, dispute resolution or even a technical matter, Ron had an innate ability to grasp the concern, ask the right questions, and provide a clear direction on how to proceed or solve the problem.

Word of Ron’s passing spread like wild fire through the condominium community. From across the country, lawyers, property managers, engineers, insurance executives, accountants, condominium board members and other service providers sent emails expressing their sense of loss and admiration for Ron. Ron was not only a professional adviser to these people; he was for many, a true friend. I am proud to say Ron was my friend. I was very fortunate to have had Ron invite me onto the GHC board in 1999. My modicum of success as a board member is in large part due to his guidance. The Canadian Condominium Institute has a national honour called the Hall of Fame Award. We have many condominium “heroes” in our midst. Among those who give their time and efforts on behalf of the Institute and the condominium community, there are some whose star shines brighter. It is these extra-ordinary individuals whom the Institute will from time to time, acknowledge as inductees to the Hall of Fame. In July, the Golden Horseshoe Board of Directors nominated Ron (unbeknownst to him) for this distinguished honour. I would like to share with you an excerpt from my cover letter that went with the nomination forms sent to the National Membership Committee; “…It is abundantly clear to the chapter board members, that Ron’s contributions to the condominium community locally and across the country are remarkable. For close to 30 years, his selfless approach in striving to better condominium living and governance, through his local and national CCI participation, leadership and mentoring has inspired many to rise to his level. His calm, thoughtful understanding of condominium law and the related dynamic has allowed him to be regarded as one of the foremost experts in his field. This demeanor has followed him in his CCI service where he is highly regarded.”

I am delighted to announce that the CCI National Membership Committee affirmed the nomination when they met in late August. It would have meant the world to Ron to know. It will however be given posthumously at the CCI National 30th Anniversary Celebration being held in Toronto on November 2nd. This year is also the 30th anniversary of the Golden Horseshoe Chapter. At the Chapter’s Anniversary Gala, on September 20th, the Chapter recognized Ron’s many achievements.

In closing, we have lost a colleague, adviser, and friend. On behalf of all CCI members, past, present and future, the Canadian Condominium Institute will continue Ron’s legacy. He deserves no less.

2009 Inductee

Mark Freedman

We are pleased to nominate for induction into the CCI National Hall of Fame, Mark Freedman.  It is an honour to remember Mark, who was a friend to many and a pillar in the condominium community at large.

Mark was an individual who embodied decency, integrity, leadership and professionalism.  He gave generously of his time to CCI and his impact with this organization continues to be felt to this day.  He was a founding member of CCI and served on its national board of directors from 1986 to 1997.  He also served first as President and then as Chairman of the CCI National Board of Directors from 1993 to 1997 and received the FCCI designation in 1998. 

Mark began his legal career at Macauley, Lipson, moving to Gordon, Traub & Rotenberg in 1982, where he established himself as a leading expert in condominium matters.  In 1988 the Condominium Magazine named Mark its “Condominium Man of the Year”.  In 1992, Mark Freedman was instrumental in founding the law firm of Harris, Sheaffer. 

Mark had numerous legal achievements. He was certified as a specialist in real estate law and was qualified as an expert witness in the area of condominium law in proceedings before the Ontario courts.  He was qualified as an arbitrator and mediator and was involved in the registration of over 500 Condominium Corporations.  He, with others, contributed greatly to the legislative process amending the Condominium Act.  Mark co-wrote with his friend and colleague, Harry Herskowitz, the seminal textbook on the Condominium Act, in Ontario, entitled Condominiums in Ontario – A Practical Analysis of the New Legislation.  He wrote numerous articles, presented papers and lectured.  He was a great teacher and mentor to countless lawyers and other professionals who would call him seeking his sage advice on their condominium issues.

Mark was one of the leading lights in the condominium industry and has left a lasting imprint on many people who had the privilege of knowing him.

2005 Inductee

Hugh Falconar, AIIC, ACCI, FCCI

For almost 20 years, Hugh (along with his wife Jean) operated Falconar Insurance Associates Ltd., brokerage and consulting firm, and became, in the words of Sandi Cooper "a guru when it comes to insurance". Initially Hugh began his career as an account executive of Osler, Hammond & Nanton Limited in 1961 which through evolution and merger became Reed Shaw Osler, Reed Stenhouse and eventually AON Corp. They sold the brokerage in 1996.

Now when one thinks of a guru, one might conjure up images of snake charmers and the like. Perhaps that is due to Hugh's infamous "standard crawl out clause" which in effect, if inserted in an Insurance Policy allowed an Insurance Company to avoid paying out any claims (fortunately Hugh did not try such a stunt). Rather, Hugh has become legendary in, not only Alberta, but the entire country when it comes to condominium insurance.

That Hugh was prepared to share his knowledge with others is an understatement. He was a frequent conference speaker, both nationally and provincially, and has written widely on the topic of Insurance.

Hugh was actively involved in the amendments to the Alberta Condominium Property Act that were eventually proclaimed in September of 2000. Indeed he caught a serious problem with respect to the condominium insurance regulations, which if gone unchecked could have lead to some very interesting results. Fortunately, the Government closed the "loophole" that Hugh discovered.

As an Insurance Broker, Hugh had a substantial portfolio of condominium corporations but he also represented the insurance needs of a number of municipalities, including some in what is now Nunavut.

Now, Hugh is not known as being a boisterous soul. In fact, he is rather quiet and unassuming, however, he has made a huge contribution to the condominium community. One could say his involvement in the industry spans an ocean of accomplishment. In 1983 he was awarded the designation of Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute (ACCI) and was also made a Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute in 1998. He was an Associate of the Insurance Institute of Canada (AIIC). Hugh served on the Board of the North Alberta Chapter as the Education Coordinator for many years. He was also on the National Board from 1984 to 1997, serving on the National Insurance Committee. Hugh was a Founding Member of the North Alberta Chapter and was made an Honorary Member of the North Alberta Chapter in September, 2004.

A proud moment for Hugh was when he obtained the Supreme Court of Ontario Justice Honourable Alvin Rosenberg's signature to the document enabling CCI to form l'Institut Canadien des Condominiums. This was especially a proud moment as Hugh was born and raised in Quebec. The Honourable Mr. Rosenberg was one of the movers and shakers that had a lot to do with the formation of CCI.

Hugh taught condominium insurance for CCI for many years. Besides writing numerous articles on condominium for such publications as In·Site, the North Alberta Chapter journal, his articles have appeared in ACMO's Condominium Manager and CCI's Review. His prescriptions are found in the Alberta Condominium Act of 2000, and its predecessor, and in the Condominium Property Act Regulation. He took the trouble to write "Manuscript" insurance policies, custom composed insurance contracts especially tailored to the client's needs, as opposed to standard insurance policy forms. As one happy client said, "Hugh sheds a ray of bright sunshine on the subject of insurance." [George Walker, P. Eng., A.L.S. of Walker Consulting Group]

Hugh was not content to give only to condominium; his volunteer work spread into the broader community. Hugh is a past president of the Canadian Club of Edmonton, a past Regional Vice President, Alberta, of the Association of Canadian Clubs, a Past President of the Rotary Club of Edmonton Strathcona. He is a Paul Harris Fellow of Rotary International. Hugh is a Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), a designation of the Insurance Institute of Canada.

On a more personal note, Hugh is the grandfather of seven, the father of three and has been the husband of two, along with being the "pappie" of two dogs as well. Hugh has been a great educator, always willing to share his experience and knowledge with others and, most of all, a friend to a great number of us in CCI.

2004 Inductee

Gerry Hyman, Q.C., LL.M., ACCI, FCCI

Gerry Hyman is the first inductee into the Canadian Condominium Institute's Hall of Fame. He is a Toronto lawyer, practising in the corporate / commercial field with emphasis on condominium law.

In November, 1982 Gerry joined CCI as a founding member. Since then he has been a professional member in good standing, receiving the designation of Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute (ACCI) in 1983. In 1998 Gerry was awarded the status of Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute for his lengthy and outstanding service to the industry. Gerry served on the National Board from its inception until his resignation in late 2002. He was CCI's National President during the 1988 - 1989 term. He has been CCI"s Executive Vice President and has par-ticipated on many committees, as chair or committee member. Gerry continues as an active mem-ber of the National Constitution Committee. We frequently see Gerry as a legal panellist at the annual condominium conference.

Provincially, Gerry played an active role in meetings with Ontario government representatives and in the preparing briefs from CCI and a joint committee of CCI and the Association of Condominium Managers of Ontario in regard to the new Ontario Condominium Act. He has written numerous condominium articles and is the author of the Ontario "Condominium Handbook" published by CCI. Gerry has lectured and conducted seminars in condominium law for the Law Society of Upper Canada, the Canadian Bar Association, the Canadian Condominium Institute, Humber College and Condominium Magazine. He is a regular contributor to the "Ask an Expert" column in the Condominium Living section of the Toronto Star. For a number of years, Gerry was a member of the Arbitration and Mediation Institute of Ontario Inc.

In the words of Deborah Howes, President, "Gerry Hyman knew that wisdom and stability comes from those who have been there before. He had the vision to become a founding member of CCI and the dedication to stay on the National Board as it grew into a strong national organization. He became our statesman on the National Board and provided us with the insight of experience at times when we would have floundered. He has been a role model for many new directors and a mentor to both new and experienced directors. Gerry's experience, patience, wisdom, professional-ism tempered with compassion and his volunteer commitment to the Institute and the condo-minium industry across Canada make him the ideal model for the Hall of Fame inductees who will follow in his footsteps. Congratulations Gerry and thank you for all the hard work."

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