Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct

For Members of the Canadian Condominium Institute

The members of the Canadian Condominium Institute shall:

  1. Uphold and promote the objectives of the Canadian Condominium Institute (hereinafter) called the “Institute”, and participate in its activities.
  2. Comply with the bylaws of the Institute and this Code of Ethics and Standards of Conduct published by the Institute from time to time.
  3. Generally, promote and advance the interests of the condominium owners in Canada.
  4. Promote throughout the condominium industry and generally conduct one’s activities in a manner that will bring credit upon the Institute.
  5. For condominium corporations and business partner members, comply with the applicable condominium legislation, bylaws, rules, and other applicable laws’.
  6. For Individuals and Professional members, as appliable, carry out their work in accordance with and maintain uptodate knowledge of applicable statutes, regulations, bylaws and professional standards, as may govern the individual’s profession, and as published, from time to time, by the professional bodies in which the individual is a member or actively involved.
  7. For individual and Professional members, as applicable, disclose any interest, direct or indirect, which might be construed a prejudicial to a professional engagement in rendering service to the client and shall not derive any other benefits from services contracted for or on behalf of the client without disclosing such benefits to the client.
  8. For Individual and Professional members, as applicable, exercise integrity, experience, and due diligence in all aspects of the work rendered to a client, with a view toward maintaining and effective and economical coordination of all activities undertaken on behalf of a client.
  9. For Individual and Professional members, as applicable, cooperate with such other professional members as may be engaged on the same work and generally characterize conduct toward other professional members by courtesy and good faith.
  10. For Individual and Professional members as applicable, have available the resources and capabilities reasonably requited to competently discharge all obligations to the client.
  11. Cooperate with the Institute in all matters to the investigation, discipline or dismissal of members who by their conduct prejudice the reputation of the Institute.

Code of Ethics


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