A Message from Your CCI National President

Welcome to the Canadian Condominium Institute's National website. In this website you are going to find a vibrant, exciting world of condominium across this great country of ours. As you will know when you are finished looking at the myriad of efforts being made on your behalf, we are a dedicated group of Owners, Directors, Professionals, and Suppliers whose lives intersect in Condominiums. We are all here to try and provide a better place to live, and a better place to work in Condominiums.

Condominiums are receiving a lot of bad press these days and seem to be the brunt of most of the jokes of the media, and the fear of all of the economists. "Condominiums are going to cause the downfall of the western world!" "Condominiums are being built so quickly that they will not last twenty years!" "Condominiums are going to cause a housing bubble to expand so large it cannot possibly continue, and that bubble is about to burst!" Sensationalist comments like this make headlines, and sell newspapers and therefore advertising.

If we look at the unsensational facts, we will see that Condominiums are, in fact, filling an area of affordable housing that would otherwise be unattainable in an ever increasingly priced housing market. A recent real estate survey indicated that an average detached home in the Toronto area was more than $950,000.00! Folks, call it what you will, but a million dollars for a home is sensational! Very few will be able to afford that price. Condominiums fill that need for housing that the average person can afford. They fill the need of an ever increasing population to have a place to call home. They fill the need in our urban centres to stop urban sprawl that will result in our best farmland being eaten up by horizontal neighbourhoods. They help to curb greenhouse gasses by putting people closer to where they work. They help governments determine public transit needs by the density of the Condominium population. They supply many of the community needs for amenities and services without adding an extra burden on the municipalities. They increase the tax revenue per square meter of land and make municipalities more viable. Condominiums are here to stay. Condominiums are the future today. In our lifetime virtually every person in our major cities will either live, work, vacation or retire in a condominium.

That is why the work done by this immense group of volunteers, across this vast country of ours, is so vital. The government consultations to help the elected representatives fully appreciate the decisions that they are making are priceless to future condominiums. The education that is being received by all of the newcomers to the condominium arena extends to Directors, Owners, Professionals and Business Partners in every Chapter. This orientation and representation enables condominiums to be represented by an informed, understanding group of people in every corner of Canada. Our members help to make, and run, and own better condominiums. Join us in making a difference. Join us in forming Canada's future. Join CCI.

Bill Thompson, BA, RCM, ACCI, FCCI


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