Our History & Accomplishments

The Canadian Condominium Institute Celebrates 25 years as the Voice of Condominium in Canada

November 22, 1982 – November 3, 2007 
The first meeting of the Canadian Condominium Institute was held November 25, 1982 at Toronto's Inn on the Park Hotel. Those in attendance were identified as 'founding members' of the CCI. The first CCI President was Mr. Claude Renaud.

The purposes for the creation CCI as a not-for-profit association were many, and are more particularly set out in the Institute's Letters Patent, but generally, the purpose of the Institute was to become the focal point of condominium in Canada.

To read a complete history of the Canadian Condominium Institute, please download our 25th Anniversary Booklet (PDF), presented at our Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, November 3rd, 2007 by Deborah Howes.

CCI National Accomplishments and Activities

By Deborah M. Howes, FCCI, Past President
As National President and Chair I had the opportunity to speak to many groups about CCI and its accomplishments and activities.  Set out below are my speaking notes about those accomplishments and activities, updated to November 2005.

  • 1982 CCI formed with 5 Chapters (15 Chapters in 2005)
  • Obtained Revenue Canada ruling that taxes not apply on reserves of Condominium Corporations
  • Began holding mid-year Board meeting around the country to:
    • support existing chapters
    • build new chapters
  • Holds annual meeting in Toronto
  • Publish 4 National Magazine “Review” per year
    • gives cross Canada insight
    • issues of National importance
    • legal cases section
  • National Website
    • updated again 2005 for members only section/ discussion forum
  • National Bylaws changed to ensure every Chapter has at least one National Director
  • National Board meets 4 times per year (2 conferences/ 2 in person)
    • utilizes technology for virtual meeting, minutes/committee reports
    • operates through committees of directors and members at large
  • Supervisor of health of CCI through
    • annual audit financial statements (National and Chapters), annual Chapter reports, quarterly Chapter reports
  • National Directors speak at midyear Chapter seminars, annual CCI-ACMO Conference, other Chapter Events
  • National Executive (and some past Presidents) travel the Country to meet with Chapter Boards and speak at Chapter events
  • Provides support to Chapters by:
    • national policy and procedure manual
    • Executive Director support to Chapter Administrators and Officers
    • Welcoming observers to National Board Meetings
    • Annual Training call or meeting for Administration and new National Director
    • Annual Chapter clinic on various topics (so far: membership, newsletter, privacy, ambassador program)
    • letters to Government on legislation changes 
      (eg. Saskatchewan)
    • annual calendar of events for Chapters and National Board
  • Encourages best practices in chapters and Condominium Industry through shared information and practices (eg. Golden Horseshoe Chapter- tenants in Condominiums, Students in Condominiums)
  • Recent accomplishments
    • CMHC- New Condominium Buyers Booklet
    • CCI- Reserve Funds Review across Canada
    • two times bringing Government Representatives to meet with CCI Board
    • meeting with Federal Minister of Housing
    • relationship with M. Charlebois in Montreal- working to new Chapter
    • Chapter development in New Brunswick (meetings September 2005) and new government contacts
    • meetings in Grande Prairie to explore new Chapter (group chose to stay with North Alberta Chapter)
    • partner with Tony Wadsworth re: Risk Management Protocol- arises from National Chapter survey on Insurance issues
    • with Toronto Chapter roll out National Ambassador Program as membership recruitment tool
    • begin with CCI North and South Alberta Chapters got from AB Real Estate Foundation from CM100-300 (education for directors and professionals)- now basis of National program
    • successful Insurance Symposium 2005- including open dialogue with insurance industry
    • with Toronto developed National Code of Conduct for CCI Directors- applicable to Condominium Boards
    • adopted slogan statement “Voice of Condominium”
    • developed National Privacy Policy- applicable to Chapters and Condominium/ Strata Corporations
    • have professional designation- ACCI in wide number of professions and recently added continuing education requirements and certification
    • have a number of awards presented at Annual Awards Dinner (Hall of Fame, Chapter of the Year, Best News Letter, Follows, Distinguished Service Award)
  • Ongoing Initiatives- 2005 on
    • media training for National Board- began in Fall 2005 and will continue as part of greater outreach- also helps every Chapter
    • Licensing of Condominium Managers
    • Relationships with Federal and Provincial Governments
    • Relationship with CMHC, National Home Builders, and Canadian Federation of Municipalities
    • gather better statistics on Condominiums in Canada
    • Condominium Primer
    • Chapter Relations Committee (best practices for Chapters, Chapters operations binder, mentor policy for Chapters)
    • 2007 Human Rights Symposium
    • National Executive to meet with every Chapter
    • mid year meetings:
      • 2006 Montreal
        2007 Regina
        2008 Vancouver
    • 25th Anniversary of CCI (2007)
    • 40th Anniversary of Condominiums in Canada (2006/07)


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