ACCI (Associate of the Canadian Condominium Institute)

How do I get it?

Your interest in CCI National's ACCI (Associate of CCI) program has already marked you as a leader in your profession, dedicated to providing the highest level of service to your clients. Now, you're ready for your next step — registration.

What's Next?

Here are the next steps in the process:

Step 1 - Apply:
  • Gather the information for the registration form (eligibility criteria):
    • Ensure you are a professional member in good standing of your local CCI Chapter
    • Ensure you have at least three (3) years professional experience
    • Identify two (2) CCI professional members as references
  • Submit your application on-line (or by mail or fax
  • CCI National will confirm receipt of your application (if you do not receive confirmation within two (2) working days of submitting your application, please contact us by e-mail at
  • CCI National will review and process your application
Step 2 - Upon Approval of Your Application:
  • Once your application has been approved, the office will send you the following information by e-mail, within 7-10 working days of confirmation of receipt of your application:
    • A copy of the "Canadian Condominium Legislation — A Coast to Coast Comparison"
    • The CCI National ACCI Professional Code of Ethics
    • A list of suggested reading

Your log-in information to enable you to pay for and write the exam (Payment by Visa/MasterCard only please). The fee for each exam is $200.00.

Step 3 - Complete Your Exam

*You will have sixty (60) days from receipt of this information to sit the exam.
The exam itself consists of four sections:

  1. Ethics (30 minutes)
  2. General Condominium (National) (40 minutes)
  3. General Condominium (Provincial)(40 minutes)
  4. Profession-specific (40 minutes)

You may find it helpful to review the Sample Questions for ACCI Exam page, which contains information on the format of exam questions and sample questions.

You will have two and a half hours to complete the exam, and your progress in each section will be timed by way of an on-screen timer, so you know how much time you have left. Once you have begun your exam, you must complete it in one sitting, so please ensure you have at least two and a half hours available to you.

Be sure to review the Technical FAQ page before you write your ACCI Exam, as it provides additional information on the exam process, technical requirements and suggestions for the exam. You may want to print this page as a reference to have during the exam, should you experience any difficulty.

You may have the following information with you when you write the exam, so be sure it is handy when you log in:

  • Your provincial Condominium Act (or its equivalent) and Regulations
  • Your copy of the "Canadian Condominium Legislation - A Coast to Coast Comparison"
  • The CCI National ACCI Professional Code of Ethics

When you first log in, you will be asked to sign an affirmation that you will use only the above materials to assist you in writing the exam.

Step 4 - After Completing Your Exam

Upon completion of the exam, you will automatically be notified of your mark and, if you are successful, you will be provided with a certificate of completion that you can print out and keep for your records. Your result will be sent to the CCI National office, your record updated, and the office will officially notify you of your result. If you have passed your exam, you will be able to begin using your new designation once CCI National has formally notified you of your success.


Ready? Then proceed to the on-line registration form or click here (PDF) for a printer-friendly version of this page and the application you can fax or mail!


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