Chapter Mentor Policy


It is recognised that when a new chapter is first developed it will need guidance and in some cases, financial support from CCI National, ("CCI N"). However, assistance on a more practical level can also be sought from other more established CCI chapters, (the "Mentor chapter"). Accordingly the National Board may, from time to time request an established chapter to act as a mentor for a new chapter or, perhaps, an existing but floundering chapter. The purpose of this policy is to establish some guidance for both the Mentor chapter and the mentored chapter.


When a new chapter is under development or an existing one is experiencing difficulties CCI N may ask an established chapter to lend its assistance in addition to the support provided by CCI N. The established chapter can decline in which case another chapter may be called upon. Chapters that are asked to mentor another chapter are urged to give it serious consideration but are certainly not expected to suffer any undue hardship as a result of such assistance.

The Mentor chapter should expect that its assistance may be required for an indefinite period of time, (but see notes below Re: "Chapter Relations Committee"). In some ways the "mentoring" may continue for a long time, with chapters lending each other speakers or other support long after the new chapter is established or the troubled chapter is operating well again. The Mentor chapter is not expected to, "Prop Up" a chapter that would otherwise quickly fail without substantial support from the Mentor chapter and CCI N. If the Mentor chapter believes this is the case they should report the matter to the Chapter Relations Committee.

The degree of support for the mentored chapter will obviously vary depending upon such factors as, the proximity of the mentored chapter, the financial situation of both the Mentor chapter and the mentored chapter and the willingness of the Mentor chapter board members to participate. The following notes describe examples of how a Mentor chapter may lend assistance to a mentored chapter. The list should not be considered as either mandatory or comprehensive and mentor chapters are encouraged to find new ways to lend a helping hand:

  1. Financial: CCI N does supply seed money for new chapters that are in need. As such mentored chapters are not expected to give direct financial assistance to a mentored chapter.That would be a decision entirely at the discretion of the Mentor chapter but if it should choose to do so, that decision should be made with the expectation that it may not be repaid and that no individual will be held accountable for its repayment. More commonly a Mentor chapter will provide financial assistance in less direct ways, such as assuming financial responsibility for one or more of the matters listed below.
  2. Speakers: Providing speakers for courses, seminars, or AGM's put on by the mentored chapter.
  3. Newsletters: Providing copies of the Mentor chapter's newsletters to the mentored chapter for distribution to its members. Assisting the new chapter in the development of its own newsletter. Providing space in the Mentor chapter's newsletter for the use of the mentored chapter. Similar help can be given in the development of a web site, if they choose not to make use of National's.
  4. Directors: Having experienced directors from the Mentor chapter give advice and guidance to the directors in the mentored chapter. This could include "loaning" such directors to the mentored chapter's board for a period of time.
  5. Administrators: Allowing the mentored chapter to use the services of the Mentor chapter's administrator.
  6. Organization: Assisting the mentored chapter in developing internal record keeping and accounting systems.
  7. Special Events: Helping the mentored chapter organize and conduct special events to generate interest in the chapter and new membership.
  8. Referrals: Transferring and/or referring members to the mentored chapter, assuming they fall within the geographic area serviced by the mentored chapter. Referring sponsor or professional members who may have some business interest in the area serviced by the mentored chapter.
  9. Materials: Giving the mentored chapter course materials, seminar outlines and other forms, (some of this will come from the New "Best Practices" information package currently under development).
  10. Sponsors: Referral of events sponsors and advertisers who may have some business interest in the area serviced by the mentored chapter.
  11. Services: Introducing the new chapter to service providers used by the Mentor chapter that may conduct business in the area serviced by the mentored chapter, (e.g. the Mentor chapter's bank, auditor, and printer).

Mentored Chapter

New Chapters

The mentoring policy is designed to encourage established chapters to help new Chapters develop until such time as they can manage on their own. CC N will make every reasonable effort, with the help of the Mentor chapter, to assist the mentored chapter to both grow and flourish. However, the members of the mentored chapter's board will also be expected to do whatever they can to promote their chapter, generate membership and actively participate on the board and with chapter activities.

Existing Chapters

The mentoring policy is also designed to encourage established, successful, chapters to help other chapters who may be foundering until such time as they can again manage on their own. CCI N will make every reasonable effort with the help of the Mentor chapter, to help the struggling chapter to regain its stability and increase membership. However, as in the case of new chapters, the members of the mentored chapter's board will also be expected to do whatever they can to promote their chapter, generate membership and actively participate on the board and with chapter activities.

Chapter Relations Committee

Advice and Assistance

A Mentor chapter can also apply to the Chapter Relations Committee for advice and or financial assistance, (the Committee has a limited budget but can recommend to CCI N that additional funds be allocated).

Review of Chapter Reports and Viability

The Chapter Relations Committee is also responsible for reviewing annual chapter reports and investigating the on-going viability of all chapters. If it becomes apparent to the committee that a chapter is struggling, it may arrange for the assistance of a Mentor chapter. When it observes that, despite the assistance of the Mentor chapter and National, a new chapter is not viable or an existing chapter is no longer capable of operating, the committee is obligated to recommend to the National Board that chapter's Charter be revoked.

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