(Fellow of the Canadian Condominium Institute)

What is an FCCI?

CCI may elevate a current or former CCI professional associate to the status of 'Fellow' of the Canadian Condominium Institute. Fellowship was created to recognize and honour associates whose meritorious service to the Institute or to the condominium community best exemplifies the standards expected by CCI of its professional members.

Fellows of the Canadian Condominium Institute

(Last Updated: November 2014)

Name Chapter Date Honoured
Joan Agnew London Nov-07
Maria Bartolotti South Alberta Nov-2014
Marc Bateman S. Alberta Nov-06
Larry Beeston Manitoba Nov-98
Jamie Bleay Vancouver Nov-2013
Heather Bonnycastle S. Alberta May-02
Patrick Cassidy Atlantic Nov-98
Ron Clarke S. Alberta Nov-98
Gina Cody Toronto Nov-01
Sandi Cooper N. Alberta Nov-01
Kim Coulter Golden Horseshoe Nov-07
Ron Danks Golden Horseshoe Nov-02
James M. Davidson Ottawa Nov-06
David  Duncan Ottawa Nov-01
Hugh Falconar N. Alberta Nov-98
Jonathan Fine National Nov-99
Maria Finoro Golden Horseshoe Nov-2014
Mark Freedman National Nov-98
Robert Gardiner Toronto Nov-99
Robert Giesbrecht Manitoba Nov-99
Bob Girard Toronto Nov-09
Fran Graff Ottawa Nov-04
Connie Grant London Nov-98
Fraser Grant London Nov-09
Peter Harris Toronto Nov-07
Joan Harrower N. Alberta Nov-05
Yehudi Hendler National Nov-99
Harry Herskowitz Toronto Nov-09
Larry Holmes Windsor Nov-07
Brian Horlick Toronto Nov-11
Deborah Howes N. Alberta Nov-99
Gerald Hyman Toronto Nov-98
Steven Karr Toronto Nov-05
Robert Kelly S. Alberta Nov-01
William Kerr N. Alberta Nov-04
Allan King N. Alberta Nov-07
Don Kramer N. Alberta Nov-98
Michael Lander London Nov-02
Denise Lash Toronto Nov-04
Peter Leong Toronto Nov-99
Edie Lipson Manitoba Nov-03
David George Medhurst National Nov-99
Emmanuel Mirth N. Alberta Nov-06
John Oakes Toronto Nov-06
Richard Pearlstein Toronto Nov-11
John Peart Ottawa Nov-03
Jeffrey Philips London Nov-05
Colin Presizniuk N. Alberta Nov-02
Janice Pynn Toronto Nov-03
Ailean Reid Ottawa Nov-98
Karen Reynolds Golden Horseshoe Nov-06
Craig Robson Golden Horseshoe Nov-05
Alvin Rosenberg National Nov-99
Mickey Rosenberg Manitoba Nov-01
Lucien Roy N. Alberta Nov-09
Barry Scott London Nov-04
Susan Size London Nov-06
Helena Smith North Alberta Nov-2013
Penman Smith Golden Horseshoe Nov-98
Andrea Thielk Windsor Nov-09
Bill Thompson Toronto Nov-10
Evelyn Thompson S. Alberta Nov-10
Park Thompson Toronto Nov-2014
Judy Walker S. Alberta Nov-11
Barry Widman Toronto  Nov-02
Ray Wilson Golden Horseshoe Nov-03

Nomination Process

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