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April, 21 2020 - Published by Other

Government of Saskatchewan Condominium Factsheets

Information to assist Saskatchewan condominium boards, owners and developers as well as the professionals that service them.

Includes recently passed regulatory amendments that authorize non-profit corporations, condominium corporations, co-operatives and new generation co-operatives to hold annual general meetings by telephone, video conference or other electronic means, to safely hold annual general meetings during the current COVID-19 pandemic.


April, 21 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter

Webinar #5 - COVID-19- A Discussion with Condo Industry Experts on How to Handle this Crisis

Webinar #5 topics include

Greetings from National
Better Ways to Communicate Important Messages
The Role of Management Company, Manager and Director during COVID 19
COVID 19 - A Condominium Front Line Perspective Landscaping and What is Strictly Necessary - 3 Experiences from 3 Different Municipalities
Deemed Essential Letter - A Way to Document Your Decision on What is Essential
Pillars of Life - Ways to Deal With Staying in Unit


April, 17 2020 - Published by Manitoba Chapter

Condos & COVID-19 - CCI Manitoba Webinar

Condominiums have some unique challenges in this era of social distancing, health orders, and economic challenges. This interactive webinar helps you deal with concerns around AGM's, common expense contributions, enforcing quarantines, contractors, and use of common areas.


April, 16 2020 - Published by Windsor-Essex County Chapter

CCI Windsor-Essex County - Up-to-date information about COVID-19

CCI Windsor-Essex County - Up-to-date information about COVID-19


April, 16 2020 - Published by London and Area Chapter

Policy for when resident diagnosed

It helps to have a policy ready for steps to take when someone in your building is diagnosed with COVID-19.


April, 16 2020 - Published by Grand River Chapter

Condo Finances and COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is something no one could have predicted or budgeted for, and we are all struggling in one way or another...


April, 14 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter

Webinar #4 - COVID-19- A Discussion with Condo Industry Experts on How to Handle this Crisis

Topics discussed during Webinar #5 include:

New essential services list and what it means;
What should townhouse style condos do;
Fire safety plans;
Activities condos are doing to stay connected;
Creative ways to deal with common expense fees;
Knowing who you should deal with if owner is incapacitated or has died;
Emergency unit repairs; and,
COVID and your drains


April, 14 2020 - Published by CCI National

Temporary Relief to Protect Condominium Dwellers: Alberta's Ministerial Order April 9, 2020

Following up to her discussion during the CCI National Webinar held on May 7, 2020, Laurie provides a written summary of the Ministerial Order dated April 9, 2020 that the Alberta government issued to address specific issues facing condos.


April, 9 2020 - Published by South Alberta Chapter

COVID-19 Factsheet

Service Alberta factsheet to accompany Ministerial Order


April, 9 2020 - Published by CCI National

UPDATE – COVID-19: Are Lawn Maintenance Services Essential?

As such, we’ve updated our blog (with new information highlighted in red) to help property mangers and Boards assess whether their landscaping work should proceed.


April, 9 2020 - Published by CCI National

The COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not an Excuse

A recent decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal, released on April 2, 2020, highlights the Court’s message to the legal profession that while in-person hearings have been suspended, where it is fair and in the interest of justice to move forward by other means, the parties should do so. To that end, the Court of Appeal sent parties who had an upcoming appeal a notice setting out various options


April, 8 2020 - Published by CCI National

Recent Court Decision Respecting Non-Urgent Repairs

Last week, the Ontario Superior Court considered whether to prevent third party contractors from entering a condominium building to complete non-urgent repair work during the COVID-19 pandemic.


April, 7 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter

Webinar #3 - COVID 19 A Discussion with Condo Experts on How to Handle This Crisis in Your Condo

Topics discussed this week include:

Seasonal Residents and the new Barrie COVID-19 Emergency Measures Bylaw
Enforcing Quarantine and Resources in the Community
Domestic Travel Restrictions and Rights
Cleaning, Disinfecting and Beyond
Delayed Construction Payments due to COVID and the New Prompt Payment Legislation
Ventilation Systems
Fire Code Updates

Special guest speakers include the Mayor of Barrie, VP of the local health unit and members of CCI Eastern Ontario Chapter


April, 6 2020 - Published by CCI National

COVID-19: Government Publishes Revised List of Essential Services

The Ontario Government has recently expanded business closures and limited the list of essential services that are allowed to continue providing services at the moment


April, 2 2020 - Published by Other

COVID-19 Precautions for Multi-unit Residential Buildings

National Collaborating Centre for Environmental Health - BC Centre for Disease Control

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