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March, 20 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Samantha Green

COVID-19: Is your Agreement of Purchase and Sale Enforceable?

The Government of Canada has lowered interest rates in order to help the economy grapple with the COVID-19 public health crisis. However, businesses remain shuttered. Employees can’t go to work. Canadians are being told to stay home. For many, the financial outlook may be very different today than it was a month ago. In this new and sudden reality, some people are facing this significant question: do agreements of purchase


March, 19 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): David Lu and Nancy Houle - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

COVID-19 and Condo Fees

Over the past couple of days, we have received numerous inquiries about how condominium corporations should deal with requests from owners to delay paying the monthly common expenses. The requests from owners are due to the uncertainty and financial stress caused by COVID-19.


March, 19 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Diana Saturno

What are your Options as an Employer during the COVID-19 Pandemic?

COVID-19 has created an unprecedented and uniquely devastating situation in Canada and throughout the world. As the government encourages social distancing and staying at home, and in an effort to curb the spread of the disease, employers have to make tough decisions to ensure the long-term health of their businesses. Below are some options for employers when deciding how to manage their business in the coming weeks.


March, 18 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Cheryll Wood - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Coronavirus – What About Our Staff?

As we continue to navigate this unprecedented situation, we are trying to address questions raised by managers and condominiums in a timely manner.

One of the many concerns that we have heard over the last couple of days related to COVID-19 is: What are condominium corporation obligations as employers?


March, 18 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Jennifer Dickenson

A letter to owners in condos during COVID-19

Here is an posting we sent to all owners in our condos regarding COVID-19 information, how to behave in condos and what your personal responsibilities are in this time. Please use!


March, 18 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Marc Bhalla & Richard Elia

COVID-19 Bulletin No. 4: Collections

As the Land Registry Office and banks remain open at the time of writing, the Law Society of Ontario has suggested that real estate transactions should close as scheduled. However, in the event that a party becomes unable to close for a reason relating to COVID-19, lawyers have been encouraged to cooperate with each other, while preserving their client’s interests (i.e. agree to extend closing rather than force the other


March, 17 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): James Davidson and Melinda Andrews - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Coronavirus – Our Answers to Some FAQs

We think it goes without saying that the novel coronavirus and related risks surrounding Covid-19 have “turned the world upside down”. And condominiums are very much involved because condominiums typically involve meetings and social gatherings and people living in close community. We’re certainly getting lots of questions from our clients. In case it may help, here are our answers to some FAQs surrounding coronavirus and Covid-19:


March, 17 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Ashley Winberg and Patricia Elia

COVID-19 Bulletin No. 3: Immediate Protocols To Be Implemented By Condominiums

Condominium corporations are the “fourth level of government” and have a statutory obligation to take reasonable steps to protect all persons on condominium property from foreseeable harm and dangerous conditions as per the Occupier’s Liability Act and the Condominium Act.


March, 17 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Rod Escayola

Condos Must Adapt to Provincial State of Emergency

Many provinces have declared a state of emergency. They are closing down public venues and urging residents to stay home.

Is this social distancing in public spaces potentially compromising the one required at condos.

Condo corporations should consider adopting directive and precautions that will help “flatten the curve” on the home front as well.


March, 15 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Nancy Houle - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Condos – Update on Meetings

As the number of COVID-19 cases increase across the country, and each municipality grapples with how best to deal with the rapidly evolving situation at a local level, the most common recommendation we are seeing to help mitigate risk and spread is social-distancing. The natural question is, therefore, what does this now mean in relation to a condominium corporation’s legal obligation to hold board of directors, or owners, meetings.


March, 12 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Nancy Houle

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Condos - Meeting, Messaging and Maintenance

Concerns about coronavirus (also known as “COVID-19”) are, of course, in the forefronts of all of our minds. As the number of cases of coronavirus increase across the country, and with cases now confirmed in Eastern Ontario, we are receiving questions from our clients about what this means for the condominium industry.


March, 12 2020 - Published by CCI National

COVID-19 Resource Document

CCI aspires to at all times support best practices in the Condominium Management Industry. We are together rising to meet the challenge of COVID 19.

Several pages of information that will be of interest to you as it may affect your Condominium Home have been prepared for you.


March, 11 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Joel Berkovitz and Patrick Greco

The Coronavirus’s Impact on Condominium Living

A brief overview of how the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted condominium living.

March, 10 2020 - Published by CCI National

Condo Strength

CCI National Resource


March, 9 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Rod Escayola

Coronavirus in Condos

The spread of Covid19 is impacting condos. This article focuses on the risks and legal obligations condos have towards their owners/occupants, visitors and employees.

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