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March, 30 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Sonja Hodis

Why a Condo Should Not Refund or Provide Relief from Payment of Common Expense Fees during COVID 19 crisis

Over the course of the last few weeks many condo corporations have been asking whether they can defer owner’s common expense fee (CEF) payments or provide any sort of relief to owners who are not able to pay their CEF as a result of the COVID 19 crisis. They have also asked whether they can refund CEF paid if amenities have been closed.

The short answer is NO. Why?


March, 30 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): James Davidson - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

COVID-19: Some General Thoughts for Condo Boards

These are exceptional, critical times for condominium corporations. Condominiums are at the very heart of the COVID-19 crisis, because they are potential “hot spots” for the transmission of the virus. What does this mean for condominium Boards and their Managers? What is their overall obligation at this critical time?


March, 29 2020 - Published by North Saskatchewan Chapter - Author(s): Jamie Herle

Annual General Meetings for Saskatchewan condominiums in the midst of COVID-19

Do Saskatchewan condominiums need to hold our AGM and if so does it need to be in person or can it be done electronically?


March, 29 2020 - Published by North Saskatchewan Chapter - Author(s): Marc Kelly and Jamie Herle

COVID-19 and Condo's Overview

This video will provide an overview on AGM's, budget and condominium fees and general obligations of condominium corporations during the COVID-19 pandemic.


March, 26 2020 - Published by South Saskatchewan Chapter - Author(s): Marc Kelly and Jamie Herle

Condos and COVID-19

Saskatchewan relevant Condo info for AGM and Fee Collection during Coronavirus


March, 26 2020 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Robert Mullin, BA(Hons.), LL.B., LL.M., ACCI, and Christopher Mendes, B.A.(Hons), M.A., J.D

COVID-19 & Condos

As COVID-19 continues to take its toll, what does this mean for condominiums as monthly common element fees continue to become due? Are the lien procedures in the Condominium Act, 1998 (the “Act”) still viable?


March, 25 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Davidson Houle Allen LLP

COVID-19 FAQ – Issue #2: How Will Building Operations Be Affected?

By now, many will have seen the Ontario government’s published list of “Essential Businesses” which will be permitted to remain open over the next 14 days and likely beyond (also check out our previous blog post on this topic). While this may provide some guidance regarding the availability of condominium management and maintenance services, we hope to answer some further questions on everyday building operations in this blog post.


March, 25 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Victoria Craine - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Prohibiting Short-Term Tenancies During the COVID-19 Crisis

There is no question that the virus that causes COVID-19 can be very contagious, and that widespread community transmission is now happening. This is a concern in a condominium community, where residents are living in close proximity and are sharing common element areas with others.


March, 24 2020 - Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - Author(s): Diana F. Saturno

Is Your Business Essential?

On March 23, 2020, Ontario Premier Doug Ford ordered that that all non-essential stores and services be closed by Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 11:59 p.m.. This follows a series of orders made by the provincial government, pursuant to its powers under the Emergency Management and Civil Protection Act, made in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19 and protect Ontarians during these unprecedented times.


March, 24 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Melinda Andrews - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

What Does the Shut Down of Non-Essential Services Mean for Condos?

The Ontario Government has ordered a mandatory closure of all non-essential workplaces effective as of Tuesday March 24th at 11:59 pm. The closure will be in effect for 14 days, with the possibility of an extension if needed.


March, 24 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Christy Allen - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

COVID-19: The Impact on the Tarion Claim Process in Ontario

In response to the COVID-19 crisis and its impact on daily life in Ontario, Tarion has responded by acknowledging the potential impact the crisis may have on the ability of condominiums to complete their performance audits, and by committing to review situations where such delay may occur on a case by case basis. While Tarion is not confirming that deadlines applicable to the filing of any performance audits will necessarily


March, 24 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter - Author(s): Sonja Hodis, Patricia Elia, Ashley Winberg, Michele Farley, Mina Tesseris, Debbie Dale, Jeff Struewing, Evan Shkolnik

COVID-19- A Discussion with Condo Industry Experts on How to Handle this Crisis

COVID 19 has presented challenging and unprecedented times for condos. Directors and managers are dealing with many new issues that raise a ton of questions. Join a panel of lawyers, property managers, engineers and a fire safety expert to get answers to those questions.

This is one of many webinars hosted by CCI Huronia on COVID 19 and Condos.


March, 23 2020 - Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter

CCI Golden Horseshoe - Condo News Magazine Spring 2020

Condo News Magazine - Spring 2020


March, 23 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Elia Associates

COVID-19 Bulletin No. 11: How Could The Closure Of Non-Essential Businesses Affect Condominium Corporations?

All non-essential businesses in the Province of Ontario have been ordered to close by the Premier effective 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, March 23, 2020, for the next 14 days and potentially longer if the order is extended. On Tuesday, March 23, 2020, details regarding what businesses will be permitted to stay open will be announced by the Premier.


March, 23 2020 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Diana F. Saturno

Employer Options during COVID-19: Work Sharing Program

Many employers wish to avoid layoffs during this unprecedented economic climate. An option for employers is to work with their employees to create alternative employment arrangements. Work-Sharing is one program available to employers and employees that can accommodate a temporary reduction in business activity due to events beyond the control of the employer, such as COVID-19.

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