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CCI-N Primer: Canadian Condominium Legislation – A Coast to Coast Comparison - 2020

The CCI National Condominium Primer provides an overview of some of the basic aspects of statutes and regulations from each province and territory. It is provided as an educational reference to familiarize National Directors on the legislative frameworks of condominium legislation across Canada.

diversity of condominium legislation and regulation across Canada, CCI National believed that it would be each of the provinces and territories.

As any form of substantive comparison of all the governing legislation and regulation across Canada would analysis. The goals of the Primer are to provide an educational reference that National Directors may is a starting point, to give you a flavour of the legislation.

CCI National’s Government Relations Committee prepared the first edition of the Primer in 2006, with subsequent 2016 the committee felt that an update was appropriate. We have attempted to try and focus on the more significant that have generally similar laws are discussed as a group, with particular differences noted where our efforts mistakes or misinterpretations may occur. This Primer is not intended to constitute legal advice, disclaims any responsibility for the Primer’s accuracy or completeness, or for any harm arising from reliance <span initial;"="">on this Primer.


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