November 24, 2021 Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter

Level 300 – CAT (The Condominium Authority Tribunal)

This is still a fairly new process for most of us, and the CAT’s jurisdiction is expanding. We all need guidance to navigate these sometimes rough and challenging waters. Board members and managers will learn the steps for responding to a CAT complaint. You’ll hear about what to prepare for and what pitfalls to watch out for. We’ll review some recent cases.


Program Outline

1. Introduction
2. Learning Objectives
3. Condominium and CAT Terminology
4. What is the CAT (CAT-ODR)
5. History of How and Why CAT was Developed
6. Where Does it Get Authority From
7. The 6 Steps of CAT Dispute Resolution:

a. Filing an Application
b. Delivering the Notice
c. Joining a Case
d. Stage 1 – Negotiation
e. Stage 2 – Mediation
f. Stage 3 – Tribunal Decision

8. What to do if you are named in an Application
9. Accessing Past Decisions
10. Case Studies under the 5 areas of Jurisdiction

a. Condominium Records
b. Pets and Animals
c. Vehicles 
d. Parking and Storage 
e. Settlement Agreements

11. How the CAT will Evolve


  • Sally-Anne Dooman R.C.M., O.L.C.M., Wilson Blanchard Management
  • John MacLeod, R.C.M., OLCM
  • Victor Yee, Condominium Lawyer, Elia Associates


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