March, 30 2022 Published by London and Area Chapter - By Carly MacArthur

Tips for Being an Inclusive Condominium Community

From the CCI Review 2021/2022-3 March 2022 issue of the CCI London Chapter

In recent years, Ontario has continued to see increased numbers of newcomers settling here. This means that our communities are made up of people from many different cultures, backgrounds and countries. The spaces we work in, learn in, spend time in, and even live in therefore reflect much greater levels of diversity! It is therefore important that we work to foster spaces that are not only inclusive but that celebrate this diversity as well.

As the London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership (LMLIP) we work to do just that. Funded by Immigration, Refugees & Citizenship Canada, LIP’s across the country collaborate with local organizations to create welcoming communities and reduce systemic barriers for immigrants and newcomers.

So, what does this mean for you? As individuals working in the condo management sector you have a large influence over how welcoming and inclusive the space your residents are living in is. There are many simple tips you can use to ensure that your buildings and properties feel welcoming for all.

First, you need to know who your residents are. What are their cultural backgrounds? Do they belong to different religious organizations? What countries did they live in before they called your building home? By learning this information, you can tailor your inclusive efforts to best resonate with your residents.

After you learn this information, here are some simple ideas you can try:

  • Translate greetings on your condo bulletin boards to reflect different languages spoken in the building
  • Place All Are Welcome Here signs or window decals throughout the building
  • Decorate using pictures in the hallways and community rooms that reflect the resident’s cultures and places of origin
  • Create a monthly calendar of special events that highlight multicultural celebrations reflecting the cultural/religious celebrations of your residents
  • Feature recipes from different parts of the world in your monthly newsletters
  • Arrange a cultural or interfaith event annually for residents to attend
  • Organize cultural programming or fact sharing about different cultures
  • Host opportunities for newcomers and other residents to meet and chat

It is not difficult to be inclusive. With a small amount of effort, you can better understand the diverse demographics that make up your residents and be more intentional in the content you produce, the programming you offer and the events you hold. At the end of the day, individuals just want to see themselves reflected and represented in the places they call home.

Striving to create a more inclusive condo community not only makes residents from immigrant groups feel more at home, welcomed and included; it also helps educate other residents and provides them with the tools they need to help contribute to a more welcoming community.

Immigration is not something that is happening to us, it is something that is happening for us. As such, we must all work together to ensure that the spaces we manage are inclusive, welcoming and celebrate all who use them. We all have a part to play!

Carly MacArthur | Communication Officer

London & Middlesex Local Immigration Partnership
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