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April 28, 2022 Published by Grand River Chapter - By Corey Sargeant

Helpful Resources for Condominium Owners

When an owner has a question related to their condominium and/or condominium living in general, their first instinct is to likely seek out an answer for themselves.

When an owner has a question related to their condominium and/or condominium living in general, their first instinct is to likely seek out an answer for themselves. Below outlines many of the helpful resources that an owner could make use of while undertaking review of a question or concern with respect to a condominium in the province of Ontario.

A search in other areas of Canada or North America may provide insight into a relevant matter, but due to differing laws, the resource from outside Ontario may provide improper information if taken into consideration in Ontario. Always remember to ensure any resources are applicable in the province of Ontario.

  • An owner’s most direct resource would always be their corporation’s governing documents, including the declaration, by-laws, and rules. These documents will apply directly to your corporation.
  • The next resource would be the Condominium Authority of Ontario resource page located at the link provided below. This webpage contains multiple links for various matters along with forms you may require while undertaking an informational review of your corporation.
  • Let’s not forgot a call to your corporation’s manager could, depending on the inquiry, be a simple conversation to resolve a concern or question.
  • Another great resource especially with broader questions or scope would be the Condominium Act, 1998, S.O. 1998, c. 19, which can be found in its current version at
  • If you need additional information as it relates to managers and/or the management of your corporation, a great resource would be the Condominium Management Regulatory Authority of Ontario website, which can be found at
  • National, regional, or local condominium association websites and/or meetings when available are a great resource of information and presentations that are typically accessible and searchable online with tools such as Google, or by way of direct links. This includes our own CCI website:
  • Much of the time with a specific online search you will encounter legal articles or law blogs pertaining to your inquiry. This information can certainly provide clarity with respect to applicable matters but should be qualified as factual or merely opinions relating to a specific topic. Regardless, this type of information can be helpful when reviewing a topic.

The above-noted resources are likely where you will be able to find useful information as it relates to condominiums and condominiums living in Ontario.

If further research is required beyond the above, a person may need advice or information that is very specific or direct in nature and should seek the advice of a professional in the applicable field.

Corey Sargeant
President, G3 Property Solutions Ltd


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