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April 26, 2022 Published by Eastern Ontario Chapter - By Bonnie Myers, Michelle Compton


From the Volume 31 issue of the CCI Eastern Ontario Condo Contact Magazine

Preparing for Spring at Your Condo

With winter in the rearview mirror, spring is an excellent time of year to start actioning your “Spring To- Do List” in advance of the warmer months ahead.

While many condominium corporations may already have a list ready of upcoming maintenance or repair projects, completing interior and exterior inspections of your property will help to identify any signs of damage or deterioration that could have occurred over the winter. These inspections will help give you an accurate picture of your condo community’s needs and assist in prioritizing your spring schedule.

Depending on your type of property, let’s look at some items to add to your “Spring To-Do List”:

Early Spring

  • Exhaust Shaft Drains – As the snow starts to melt, it is a good idea to check all exhaust shafts to make sure that drains are not blocked by snow or debris. Blocked drains can lead to leaks and damage;
  • Preliminary Inspection of Parking Garage Drains – In preparation for your building’s spring garage cleaning, check all parking garage drains to make sure that strainer baskets are clear and in good condition. Also, be sure to check for any signs that parking garage drains may be blocked or draining slowly as they may need rodding or flushing;
  • Sump Pump Pit Operation – Check to ensure your sump pump is operating properly before the spring thaw;
  • Window Cleaning – Many Corporations have the exterior windows cleaned either annually or bi-annually. Prior to completing the window cleaning, you will need to ensure your roof anchors are inspected. Visual inspections are completed annually, and load testing is due every 5 years;

Mid/Late Spring

  • Foundations – Complete an inspection and examine the exterior portion of your property’s foundation – check for cracks, signs of moisture, parging deterioration or damage;
  • Parking Garage Drains & Sump Pump Pits Cleaning – Areas that are often overlooked for regular maintenance are parking garage drains and sump pump pits. Regularly flushing parking garage drains, typically after cleaning your parking garage, can help prevent debris from hardening inside pipes. Taking into consideration that each property’s needs are different, having the Corporation’s plumber or mechanical maintenance contractor complete an inspection and regular cleaning of these areas will help to prevent costly repairs;
  • Parking Garage Membrane – Following your parking garage cleaning, completing an inspection of the parking garage membrane and the ceiling underneath may help to identify areas of concern. Any visible signs of deterioration in the membrane or water staining on the ceiling or around pipes will need to be further investigated for required repairs;
  • Eaves-Troughs & Downspouts – It is a great time to check for loose joints and/or crushed downspouts. During your inspection, assess to ensure water is able to drain away from your foundation;
  • Roof Inspection – A visual inspection of your building’s roof will help to ensure drains are clear of all debris and draining correctly, as well as ensuring there are no signs of damage, deterioration, or missing shingles.
  • Pools – If your condo community has an exterior pool, a visual inspection of the pool cover, all equipment, as well as signage is helpful for planning on any repairs and maintenance required prior to opening;
  • Courtyards/Gardens/Terraces – Many Corporations have courtyards or gardens in the common areas that are available for residents to sit and enjoy the warmer weather. Exterior drains located in these areas are often overlooked. Visual inspections, as well as scheduled flushing, will help to minimize blockages and ensure proper draining.

Michelle Compton, RCM, is responsible for the leadership and performance of iCondo Property Management and PMA Realty Consulting’s Condominium Management division. She is involved with training staff on an on-going basis, and always makes time for iCondo/PMA clients and team members. Michelle has an extensive background in the industry, as she has achieved her Condominium Management Diploma from Mohawk College, her RCM designation with ACMO, and is active in supporting and volunteering with CCI-EO. Over the years, many condominium corporations have benefited from Michelle’s dedication, knowledge, and proven record of quality client service.

Bonnie Myers is the Office Manager at iCondo Property Management. With over 12 years’ experience specializing in customer service within the property management industry, she is currently responsible for team support and development. Bonnie is an intricate part in the on-going training of staff and truly enjoys mentoring the iCondo team members to help them advance their professional development within the industry. With her primary focus on implementing new procedures within the company that supports iCondo’s mission statement and commitment to clients; “Managing Condos with Care”, she has built trusting relationships with all of her clients and staff.


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