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June, 22 2022 Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter

HCC#125 - “Where Small is Beautiful”

From the Volume 12, Summer 2022 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

2390 Woodward Ave., Burlington

What are the qualities and features of your Condominium?

Halton Condominium Corporation No. 125 was established in 1985 with 22 Georgian-style townhouse units built in four separate buildings of between three and seven units each. Lined with mature trees, the property backs onto green and shaded walking space on the north side of Central Park in Burlington, close to where the public library, YMCA and other facilities are located. In summer, the sounds of soccer players mix with the practice of the Burlington Teen Tour Band. In winter, Cardinals, Blue Jays, and Woodpeckers are abundant.

While parking is above-ground, each unit has two parking spaces and there is ample Visitor Parking available for family and friends. In addition to the greenspace of Central Park, the property is a short walk to Spencer Smith Park and all the events, shopping, and fine dining available in downtown Burlington. It is also just a ten-minute walk to the Burlington Shopping Centre.

What are the accomplishments achieved by your Condominium Corporation?

The complex is well maintained in terms of infrastructure, including a full replacement of windows and patio sliding doors within the past ten years. Also, within the last decade all concrete steps and unit railings have been replaced, along with a complete resurfacing of the driveways. Since 2020, new skylights, shutters, shingles and eavestroughs have been installed, as well as a refreshed painting of all front doors and an upgraded LED lighting for the parking areas.

What is the overall environment like in the Condominium?

The environment is very casual, from impromptu sidewalk social gatherings to chatting about life’s events and interests. The formal owners’ meeting is at the Annual General Meeting, but Board members are also approachable on an informal basis, usually in the parking lot or the common areas.

What makes residents proud to live there?

In a nutshell: the community. As a small complex, everyone knows most, if not all, of their neighbours, and the result is a place where you can easily find a pet-sitter, renovation contractor referral, or simply a helping hand. There is only one small mystery: the identity of a Secret Santa who drops a small gift into everyone’s mailbox each Christmas!

Bruce Norgren works in the financial industry in regulatory compliance, is an avid cyclist and a volunteer at the Milton Velodrome.

Anne Carr has worked in financial services for over 35 years. Her hobby is wine tasting, and she is looking forward to enjoying a week in the Napa Valley this summer with her best friend.

Patrick Dowds is a retired Project Engineer for major utility companies across Canada. For many years, he was a long-distance runner. He now enjoys cycling, walking, and enjoying time with his nine grandchildren.


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