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January 12, 2023 Published by Grand River Chapter - By Maggie Matian

Warm Your Tummies This Winter with These Hot Recipes

Well, we certainly hyped up the snow piles this season, didn’t we? Though we didn’t get the 5-am-snow-shoveling-Mondays like we anticipated (drat!), we have been dipping in temperatures.

Well, we certainly hyped up the snow piles this season, didn’t we? Though we didn’t get the 5-am-snow-shoveling-Mondays like we anticipated (drat!), we have been dipping in temperatures. 

There’s not much we can do about it. It is after all the dismally dark winter months. Bundling up and staying warm has turned into most of our first priorities. 

However, the darker months and shorter days usually call for a lack of energy (to no fault of your own, those darn 4 pm sunsets). Which makes planning, prepping, and eating dinner just as bad as shoveling that 5 am snow. 

Let’s make it easier on you. Shake things up a bit. Take a break from the condo talk, and let’s talk food. 

This week, we’re sharing our three favourite, easy-peasy, winter recipes. Fill your tummies in 30 minutes (ish)!

Ginger carrot soup 

Is anyone else’s mouth salivating? Just me? You may be thinking to yourself “surely they would be sharing a tomato-esque soup if we’re talking winter months” and you may have been right two minutes ago, but after some thought, it was decided that ginger carrot soup was the way to go. 

Why? With that extra-knock-out cold and flu going around (thankfully not COVID-19… so far), the extra antioxidants are welcome. 

And on top of that… this recipe is vegan AND gluten-free. 

Check out the ginger carrot soup recipe here. 

Good ol’ chili

Alright, we know. Some people like beans, and some will argue it’s not “real” chilli with them. Let’s face it, the extra fiber is welcome in most of our diets. 

The beautiful thing about most recipes is you can alter them to fit your preferences. 

Now back to the chili. Who doesn’t love to hold a good cup of chili close after facing the brisk Ontario winter evenings? A nice dinner roll to dip, your favourite show on in the background… sounds like a great Tuesday to me. 

And for our vegetarian friends out there, you can definitely skip the beef. Or substitute for lentils. Still a yummy meal. 

Check out that chili recipe now.

Skillet chicken tortellini alfredo

How could we not finish with everyone’s favourite? Pasta. 

Noodles are easy to cook, whether gluten-free or gluten-full. And luckily, chicken and heavy cream are easy to substitute for our vegan and vegetarian friends. 

Nice hearty, warm meals really make a difference when dealing with our up-before-sun, home-after-sun days. 

Try the skillet chicken tortellini alfredo recipe tonight

Share your favourite winter recipes! 

Let CCI Grand River Chapter know what your go-to winter recipes are! Maybe you’ll find someone who shares the same tastes. Or maybe you’ll surprise yourself with a new dish! 

All in all, it takes our minds away from the cold outdoors, and into our warm, satisfied stomachs. 

Maggie Matian
Marketing Manager for CCI Grand River Chapter


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