February 15, 2023 Published by Huronia Chapter - By Tom Marchese

Fire Safety - What to Expect in 2023

From the CCI Huronia Winter 2023 Condo Buzz Newsletter

On January 4th the Office of the Fire Marshal of Ontario announced that unfortunately, 2022 was our worst year in over two decades for fire-related fatalities. Tragically, many of these fatalities were preventable. What does that mean for Fire Safety in 2023? The Fire Marshal, Fire Departments and other Fire Officials are going to be putting a heavy focus on Fire Code enforcement and education this year to help prevent 2023 from surpassing 2022 for Fire Fatalities. We are going to see stricter enforcement of codes ranging from Smoke Alarms and CO Detectors, to Smoke Control, to newer Integrated Testing Standards and more. This means, more inspections! Fire officials are issuing mandates to inspect ALL buildings in Ontario in 2023. These inspections will be thorough and in-depth. Fire Departments will have less ability for leniency, which for buildings that are not 100% in compliance, means inspections orders, fines and possible court orders.

So, what can you do? Be prepared! If you are prepared and your building is in compliance then your Fire Department Inspection will be a breeze!

  • Evaluate your buildings fire code compliance.
  • Review your Fire Safety Plan, update it where necessary.
  • Communicate residents’ responsibilities to them clearly and remind them frequently.
  • Know your responsibilities and your staff’s responsibilities.
  • Know what your contractors are responsible for and what they are not.
  • Train or re-train your staff.
  • Have all of your records and documentation organized, available and all in one place.
  • Make sure your Smoke Control tests are up-to-date and your records are available.
  • If you are aware of or find any deficiencies, fix them. We know that for some deficiencies this can take time, but if you have a Fire Department inspection and you can show that you have identified the deficiency AND can show that the work is in progress, the Fire Department is likely to request a report on completion rather than issue an order.

If this seems like a lot, and you are not sure if you’re ready for an inspection, reach out to your experts. We are here to help! Fire Safety is everyone’s responsibility! Let’s save lives by working together and doing our part for a Fire Safe 2023!

Tom Marchese
Chief Consulting Engineer, FCS Fire Consulting Services LTD.


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