March 22, 2023 Published by London and Area Chapter - By Lisa Skirten

COVID, Conflict, Patience, Communication

From the CCI Review 2022/2023-3 March 2023 issue of the CCI London Chapter

As our communities continue to grow, so do the personalities that we encounter in our daily lives. Pre Covid, diversity was what made our condo communities so unique. Post Covid we encounter more and more conflict and less and less patience.

We continue to feel the affects of Covid, with on going supply chain shortages across all industries which continue to cause price increases due to demand. The financial stress that we are all feeling, in one way or another, is also that which we need to remember leads us to that which we all have in common.

Working closely with Condo Boards to help them look after their communities, is the best part of being a Condo Manager. But even a board of directors can encounter conflict.

Communication is key. Allowing all board members an opportunity to be heard is the only way for a board to function. It is important to remember that boards are volunteers taking on big roles, the biggest being to manage the finances for their communities as a whole, all while maintaining theirs and their community’s largest asset.

The Condominium Authority of Ontario (CAO) and the Canadian Condominium Institute (London and Area Chapter) are great resources for Boards as are your Condominium Managers. When a board or community is in conflict, reaching out to your Condominium Manager is the best place to start.

Lisa Skirten, RCM is President of Skirms-Ave Property Management Inc. She provides condominium and property management services.

Lisa became a professional member of CCI in 2019 and was elected to the Board of Directors that year.


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