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May 4, 2023 Published by Grand River Chapter - By Maggie Matian

To Renew or Not to Renew – Read This First

So, you’re a condominium corporation or professional in the Grand River area, and you’re coming to the end of your yearly CCI membership.

So, you’re a condominium corporation or professional in the Grand River area, and you’re coming to the end of your yearly CCI membership.

You may be asking yourself “Is there any value in renewing my membership?” And while we may be biased, we’ve compiled a short list as to why you should renew your membership with CCI Grand River Chapter. 

Networking Events

Our well-attended networking events are like no other. CCI Grand River Chapter plans several networking events throughout the year so that condominium managers, directors, and professionals, can gather for a fun evening that may include a theme or two. 

Educational Courses

Learning more about the condominium industry and the role you play is made easy thanks to CCI Grand River Chapter. Thanks to many of our hybrid-option courses, we sell out these important sessions. From the Condominium Director Certificate Program to Employment Issues, CCI Grand River Chapter will have the course you need to develop your skills and knowledge of the condominium industry.

The Community

Not to brag, but our network is pretty stellar. When you join as a CCI Grand River Chapter member, you connect with some of the brightest in the condominium industry. From our board of directors to our committees, you can rest assured that when you reach out for support, there will be a Grand River hand reaching back. 

Still looking for reasons to renew your membership? Take a look through our social media pages and see how involved our community is. Or, sift through our weekly blogs to see industry tips and insights from our members. 

Regardless of your decision, we hope to see you around the community and especially at our next event.

Maggie Matian
Marketing Manager for CCI Grand River Chapter


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