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April 11, 2023 Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter

A Condominium’s Spring Planning Checklist

From the Volume 15, Spring 2023 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

Spring is in the air and it’s always a busy time for Condominium Managers, vendors and board of directors.

Regular upkeep and preventative maintenance are the best ways to help minimize extensive repairs and maintain or improve the value of your community. Get a head start on spring planning so you’re not overwhelmed when this busy season comes around.

By planning ahead, you’ll not only reduce stress, but also create a lasting impression with your board of directors and residents. Plus, you’ll be able to ensure projects and initiatives are approved and scheduled with vendors to ensure they are completed in a reasonable timeframe. This handy checklist is a good framework and guide on what you should start scheduling and planning for now. Every community is different and has unique needs and services so remember to tailor
your checklist to your community’s requirements. 

Remember to effectively communicate with your Board of Directors and residents as you plan out the projects to be addressed across the upcoming months.

Administrative Duties

Addressing these matters now will ensure smooth operations come spring:

  • Contract review and tendering: Take some time to review the condominium’s many service contracts to ensure that any upcoming actions required by Management and the Board are addressed prior to renewal.
  • Reserve fund study project review and planning.
  • Newsletters – communication to residents is important in every season and as we head into the spring and summer months, when residents are enjoying the out-of-doors, it becomes even more important to provide timely updates on projects.

Building Priorities

Schedule this work as soon as possible so structures are well prepared for the onset of warmer weather:

  • HVAC system switch over – switch the system from heating to cooling.
  • Parking garage and parking lot power washing and sweeping.
  • Window cleaning.
  • Catch basin and drain cleaning and flushing.
  • Removal of winter floor mats.
  • Outdoor swimming pool inspection, repairs, preparation, and telephone activation.
  • Turn on exterior hose bibs.
  • Ramp and soffit heating shutdown.
  • Seal, Caulk and Repair: fluctuating temperatures can take a toll on glass, plastic, steel, brick, concrete and wood. Cold and dry weather causes materials to shrink and spring is a great time to inspect these areas for gaps, cracks and wear and address any sealing, caulking or repairs that are needed.
  • Overall building inspection to review condition of the community inside and out.


The spring walkaround with Management, the Landscaper and the Board is an opportunity to meet and review the current status of the grounds, address any winter damage concerns and discuss how to add curb appeal. It all starts with well-kept grounds and flower beds. Prioritize and schedule these items as many have tight time frames.

  • Irrigation system: Schedule the irrigation start up before the flower beds are planted in late May; also think about soaker hose replacements as required.
  • Annual flower planting.
  • Topsoil delivery.
  • Landscape enhancements.
  • Tree maintenance: An arborist is a professional who can assess and develop a long-term plan for the care and needs of the condominium’s trees.
  • Snow marker, salt bin removal.
  • Playground, park bench inspection and repairs.
  • Seasonal speed bump installation.

Property Inspections

Plan for these inspections and conduct them when weather permits:

  • Winter damage assessment
  • Targeted project inspections
  • Inspections with the board

Future Planning

Think ahead and take these future-planning tips into consideration:

  • Next winter, ensure all spring-related efforts are underway immediately after the new year.
  • Consult annual calendars and data sheets and update routinely.
  • Use various tools for reminders to track recurring inspections, maintenance, and ongoing projects.

As we head back outdoors, there may be other items outside of this condominium spring planning checklist that also need to be addressed. Continue to update your checklist each year and remember what is most important is that you use the time heading into spring to get prepared and proactively ready the community.

Craig McMillan RCM, ACCI, LCCI, CMCA, CAPM is President
Maple Ridge Community Management


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