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May, 18 2023 Published by Manitoba Chapter

Efficiency Manitoba Is Here to Help You Improve The Energy Efficiency of Your Condominiums

From the CCI Manitoba Spring 2023 Condominium News and Views Magazine

Efnergy efficiency upgrades in condominiums not only increase the comfort level for condo owners, but also help them save money and the environment.

Efficiency Manitoba is a Crown corporation that helps Manitobans save energy, money, and the environment by offering programs and incentives for energy efficiency upgrades. They offer a number of programs to property managers, owners, and condo boards that can help reduce energy bills in condominiums. These include their In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program and their In- Suite Appliance Program.


The In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program offers two levels of energy efficiency upgrades so you can pick the one that’s right for your building and its residents. The Basic Upgrade is free and includes LED screw-in bulbs, showerheads (both fixed and hand-held), kitchen and bathroom faucet aerators, shower timers, and water heater pipe wrap. A technician from their contracted installer, Ecofitt, will provide and install the products free of charge. During the installation appointment, the technician will also identify any other energy efficiency upgrade opportunities, including the Premium Upgrade available through the program.

Through the Premium Upgrade, Efficiency Manitoba offers a $150 incentive for advanced heat recovery ventilator (HRV) controls and a $100 incentive for smart thermostats installed by a certified electrician. Ecofitt will arrange for a certified electrician to install the premium upgrades to ensure that the advanced HRV control and smart thermostat are programmed correctly to maximize energy savings.

All products offered through the In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program come with warranty. There’s a 90-day warranty on all services and installations, an additional 10-year product warranty on showerheads and aerators, and a five-year product warranty on LED bulbs.

To take part in the In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program, property managers, owners, and condo boards of multi-unit residential buildings can apply online at efficiencyMB.ca/insuite. Your building must have four or more units in order to qualify and new buildings are also eligible. Once your application is approved, Ecofitt will get in touch to schedule an appointment.


Brydges Property Management, who oversees 1700-1766 Henderson Highway, recently participated in the In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program. Built in 1979, the condo buildings consist of 150 units. In January 2023, about a third of the condo owners benefitted from the free upgrades offered through the program. Patricia Berry, their Senior Executive Condominium Manager, says the process was straightforward.

Patricia sent out a notice to the condo owners with details about the program and asked who would like to participate. Ecofitt took paperwork, and installing the products. “The information was very clear, very concise, and to the point, with no surprises,” Patricia says. “It went really well.”

Patricia came across the In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program while researching online for other building upgrades. After learning about the program, it didn’t take long for the upgrades to be organized and scheduled for installation. From start to finish, the entire process only took a couple weeks.

“I know some owners are dealing with high bills, so as a property manager, I try to make sure that if I know of something that can possibly help save money for owners, I definitely put it forward,” Patricia says. “I always tell people who live in condos that if you’re looking to upgrade your windows, or your insulation, or anything, always check out the incentives from Efficiency Manitoba that may be available.”

The management company or condo board is responsible for applying to the program, so there’s little to no work for the individual condo owners or residents. Patricia said Brydges plans to inform condo owners of this program again this year so even more people can benefit from lower energy bills.

“We’re trying to be conscientious of owners’ money,” Patricia says. 


Energy-efficient appliances use less energy than other models, helping tenants and residents save energy and money for years to come.

Through Efficiency Manitoba’s In-Suite Appliance Program, building owners and managers can get up to $200 in rebates per suite for the purchase of select ENERGY STAR® certified appliances. Choosing ENERGY STAR certified products means you can trust they meet energy efficiency specifications while performing the same or better than standard products.

Efficiency Manitoba offers a rebate of $150 for clothes washer/dryer pairs, $100 for clothes washers, and $50 for refrigerators.

You can find the eligible products list at efficiencyMB.ca/in- suiteappliance-program.

To qualify for the In-Suite Appliance Program, the building must have four or more units. At least half the suites or a minimum of four — whichever is greater — have to participate.

If you’d like your building to participate in the program, building owners or managers can fill out Efficiency Manitoba’s In-Suite Appliance Program application form to have the models approved for purchase. Once your application is approved, you’ll receive an estimate of how much you’ll receive in rebates. You can then purchase and install the new energy-efficient appliances and submit your completion declaration form to Efficiency Manitoba — it’s that easy!


The In-Suite Energy Efficiency Program and In-Suite Appliance Program are just two ways you and your residents can save on their energy bills. Efficiency Manitoba offers other incentives and programs to assist with upgrades to your building’s lighting and envelope, as well as incentives to include energy-efficient technologies in your new commercial construction project. They also offer their Energy Efficiency Assistance Program, which includes free and subsidized upgrades for tenants and residents on a fixed or limited income. You can learn more about these programs at efficiencyMB.ca/property-managers.

Participating in these offers helps property managers, owners, and tenants improve home comfort and affordability, reduce building maintenance, increase property value, and save energy, money, and the environment. This ultimately leads to a healthier home on a small — but impactful — scale in each condo unit and on a large scale for our planet.

Denise Turanli


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