December, 29 2022 Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - By Tania Haluk

We Did It!

From the Winter 2022 issue of CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine, Volume 27, Issue Number 2.

The Last Word

The CCI Toronto/ACMO 2022 Condo Conference really happened. After a couple of years of delays and continued planning with bets for an ‘on again’ and ‘off again’ gathering as the ever-changing guidelines spun us in circles, some were questioning whether we’d ever shake hands again – you proved that the in-person networking was sorely missed.

From the committee perspective, we were cautiously optimistic that as humans we would crave the live interaction instead of the screentime we’ve all become used to. We also leveraged the excellent topic suggestions provided by you with our goal to make it as difficult as possible to pick between content and speaker expertise from the 12 concurrent sessions. We hope we achieved this with the wide variety of relevant topics discussed.

If you didn’t make the event this year, you missed the biggest opportunity to hear from 56 industry experts, all under one roof.

If you love this magazine, the conference is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the contributors in person, in addition to all the sponsors and exhibitors. From a board member perspective, you get 2 days of access to information in one location for the equivalent cost of about an hour for one consultant – there’s no deal better than that! If you missed it, there’s always next year.

In the meantime, check the calendar on the website and take advantage of the regular events held throughout the year. After a quick breath, we’ll be back in planning mode for next year’s conference. Our best outcome is for you to learn, network, have some fun and meet new people. We all have a condo connection in common. The passion of the presenters is a reflection of the earnest desire to share knowledge and make communities better.

We appreciate the relationship we have with our exhibitors and sponsors – it’s great to see our trusted resources and also make some new connections face to face. The value of these conversations out-weigh an email by providing an opportunity to really connect. You’ll have to attend next year to see if anyone dethrones the three-peat best booth winners of the Shibley Righton team. We would be remiss not to thank Deo Condominium Lawyers, who have been a proud partner of the conference for many years. Their support is a great contribution to the success of the conference.

It was validating to hear how happy people were to see each other again. Screen fatigue is a growing concern, both physically and mentally. The ‘walk and talk’ opportunity between the education sessions and throughout the trade show floor facilitated the time to stretch our legs and catch up with many people.

The purpose of any conference is to bring people together to share ideas. What a great way to spend a couple of days and then go back to regular schedules/life both refreshed and excited for what’s to come from what you’ve learned.

Thank you, we did it – together!


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