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June 8, 2023 Published by Grand River Chapter - By Justin Tudor

EWRB Reporting Deadline for Condominiums is 3 Weeks Away

In Ontario, Condominium Corporations and property managers have a responsibility to ensure compliance with Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) regulations.

In Ontario, Condominium Corporations and property managers have a responsibility to ensure compliance with Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking (EWRB) regulations. As the July 1st deadline approaches, obtaining accurate information from utilities becomes crucial to meet the requirements and uphold the legislated requirement of all large buildings in Ontario.

EWRB compliance entails reporting and benchmarking a condo’s energy and water consumption to track its efficiency and identify opportunities for improvement. It is an essential step towards achieving sustainable practices, reducing costs, and mitigating environmental impact. By meeting compliance requirements, Condominium Corporations demonstrate their commitment to energy conservation and contribute to a greener future – All while being mindful of where their consumables are consumed!

July 1st, 2023 is the deadline for submitting 2022 energy consumption data to the Ministry of Energy. Failing to meet this deadline can result in (as of yet undetermined) penalties. Thus, it is crucial for Condominium Corporations to proactively obtain the necessary information from utilities in a timely manner.

a significant challenges faced by Condominium Corporations is the time-consuming process of acquiring accurate information from utilities. Unless condo corporations have complete sets of their utility billes, they rely on utility providers to provide consumption data, including energy and water usage, which is essential for completing the EWRB report. However, delays in receiving this information can hinder the compliance process and potentially lead to missed deadlines.

To overcome the hurdles associated with obtaining information from utilities, Condominium Corporations and property managers must take proactive steps. Early engagement with utility providers or and EWRB service provider is key to ensure timely access to consumption data. Regular follow-ups and clear communication can help expedite the process and minimize delays. Additionally, establishing strong relationships with utility contacts can prove beneficial in obtaining the necessary information promptly.

Condominium Corporations are encouraged to work closely with property management teams, energy consultants, and other industry professionals to streamline the compliance process. These experts have the knowledge and experience to navigate EWRB requirements effectively. By seeking their assistance, Condominium Corporations can ensure accurate reporting, identify energy-saving opportunities, and implement sustainable practices within their buildings.

Energy and Water Reporting and Benchmarking compliance is essential for Ontario condos to foster energy efficiency and contribute to a sustainable future. With the approaching July 1st deadline, obtaining accurate information from utilities becomes paramount. By recognizing the significance of EWRB compliance, addressing the challenges associated with acquiring utility data, and seeking professional assistance when needed, Condominium Corporations can meet the compliance requirements and actively participate in reducing environmental impact. Although deadlines for compliance have been extended in the past – there is no guarantee that will happen again – and time is ticking!

Justin Tudor P.Eng.
Keller Engineering


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