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March, 1 2023 Published by Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter - By Holly Stone

Bayview Condominiums - A Modern Living Space on the West Coast

From the CCI Newfoundland and Labrador Winter 2023 Condo Chronicle Newsletter

Old Humber Road, Corner Brook

The Bayview Condominium Corporation is one of Newfoundland and Labrador’s first Phased-Development Condominiums created under Part IX of the Condominium Act. Bayview is a residential condominium comprised of 44 single family units developed over a number of years in four (4) separate phases. The corporation consists of three apartment style buildings located at 10 Old Humber Road (10 units), 11 Old Humber Road (6 units), and 12 Old Humber Road (16 units). In addition, there are six duplexes (12 Units) situated at a higher elevation on Bannisters Road (odd numbers at #27 to #53 – excluding numbers #47 and #49).

The Corporation was created in 2008 and registered the Declaration and By-Laws of the Bayview Condominium Corporation in the Condominium Registry (Portfolio 89). Construction started with The Bannisters Road Division in 2008, followed by 10 Old Humber Road in 2012, 11 Old Humber Road in 2013, and 12 Old Humber Road in 2014. Units range in size from 1 bedroom 621 ft2 (57.7 m2) to spacious two-story 2,120 ft2 (197 m2) units. The average unit size is ~1,000 ft2 (93 m2).All units have exclusive use balconies and off-street parking while the duplexes offer exclusive use front and back yards. A few of the duplexes include a garage.

Bayview Condo Duplex, with Garages, on Bannisters Road

Spectacular View overlooking the Bay of Islands and the Blow-me-Down Mountains

The Developer, Bayview Real Estate Ltd., had a vision to construct a Condominium Complex in an area known for its natural beauty, spectacular sunsets, a moderate climate and second to none seasonal outdoor activities. The Bayview Condominium Complex is situated on the northeast facing coastal slope, adjacent to the Corner Brook waterfront, with a breathtaking view of the Bay of Islands, and the well-known geological phenomenon known as the Blow-Me-Down Mountains. The “Blow Me Down Mountains” appeared on James Cook‘s Chart of the West Coast of Newfoundland published in 1768 after his survey of 1767. They were so named because “WSW and SW winds blow here sometimes with great Violence...’ Where else can you live, sit on your balcony and watch a cruise ship appear as if it is docking in your front yard?

Cunard Ocean Liner ‘Queen Mary 2’ docked at the Cruise Terminal in July 2019

‘Bayview’ is fully self-managed - operated by a seven member volunteer Board of Directors elected from the members of the Corporation. The Corporation has 31 owners and 27 of the 44 units are Owner Occupied.

In 2016, the Bayview Condominium Corp. formed its first Board of Directors. A full Reserve Fund Study was completed in 2017 and in 2018, the governing documents were amended to better suit the Owners needs and enhance the enjoyment of their property. The by-laws permit the residents to own one pet. In 2020 the Corporation developed a large storage area where residents can rent a storage locker for a small annual fee as well as a large social room for meetings and gatherings. The Corporation contracts out lawn care and snow clearing reducing the burden on residents. The Owners of ‘Bayview’ are very proud of their Condo Corp. and work hard to ensure everyone enjoys a safe and quiet environment.

The vast majority of condominiums in the province are located on the northeast Avalon. Corner Brook is fairly new to condo living and with that comes many challenges. Some of the issues:

  • There are relatively few professionals - Lawyers, Accountants, Property Managers, City Officials, Politicians and Residents, in Corner Brook, with condo purchasing, selling, managing or living experience.
  • Many new Owners do not fully understand the difference between renting an apartment, residing in their own home or being a condo owner. Education is the key to alleviating the uncertainties and this is where CCI-NL can assist.
  • A lack of Owner–Tenant communication can cause problems. All tenants must sign a Tenant Agreement and read and agree to comply with the Condominium Act, the Declaration, the By-Laws and other Rules during the term of their tenancy.
  • What is covered by Condo operational funds and the Reserve Fund is often misunderstood.
  • Understanding the concepts related to a Unit, the Common Elements and exclusive use Common Elements is often misunderstood.
  • As with many corporations, the skyrocketing cost of Condominium Insurance is leading to ever increasing condo fees.

At Bayview, during the course of securing adequate insurance coverage at a reasonable cost, the Board is often reminded by Insurance Companies that in order to reduce the cost of insurance and to mitigate the chances of having to submit any insurance claim, the Corporation should have a Risk Management Policy in place that is documented and provided to all owners. In September, 2022, the Board of Directors developed a Guide for Owners and Residents. This guide is to be used as a quick reference to common questions and concerns, and includes an annual checklist for Water Appliances and Conduits. Each unit was provided with a hard copy on Sept. 23rd, 2022.

Over the last few years, more Condominium Corporations are being developed in the Corner Brook area and this has been a huge but rewarding, learning experience for many involved. Hopefully more professionals will become involved in the industry, leading to an increase in locally available resources.

I fully encourage all Owners and Potential Owners, to get to know and understand their Declaration, By-Laws and the NL Condo Act. Encourage your Condo Corporation to become a member of the CCI-NL. Bayview has been a member of the CCI-NL for a few years now and have greatly benefited from being a member.

As an occupant and owner of the Bayview Condominium Corp. for seven years, I can honestly say I love my living environment! I own a home in a beautiful part of Corner Brook, live within a diverse community of residents over a range of ages and life experiences. As such I feel I am an investor in an amazing property development where our Declaration and By-Laws strive to respect the rights and privacy of all occupants.

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Holly Stone, President, Bayview Condominium Corporation


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