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June 28, 2023 Published by North Alberta Chapter - By Dan Nielson

National Leaders' Forum

CCI National hosted delegates from across all chapters in sunny Saskatoon for the 2023 National Leaders' Forum.

CCI National hosted delegates from across all chapters in sunnySaskatoon for the 2023 National Leaders' Forum.

The start of June saw the chapters from all across Canada congregating in Paris of the Prairies, sunny Saskatoon, for the annual Spring National Leaders’ Forum.

It was a great time to gather and discuss some of the pressing issues that are impacting the condominium community across the country, such as dealing with increasing mental health impacts to condo buildings. We also heard about the successes different chapters are experiencing, one of which was CCI NA’s own president Anand Sharma speaking to our ongoing advocacy efforts to the different orders of government. 

A highlight of the forum was the keynote speech given by Lyndon J Linklater, a traditional knowledge keeper and storyteller, who spoke about building community, and the role of truth and reconciliation. It was a moving talk on the generational trauma of residential schools, and how we can work together to make improvements in our communities, and how we all have a role and responsibility to do this work. The CCI NA chapter has committed to the work of reconciliation, and this is why we continue with our cover art collaboration project with young indigenous artists. 

Outside of the important education sessions, we had a great time socializing with our colleagues including an evening riverboat tour on the mighty South Saskatchewan river, and a lot of rooftop patios. It’s safe to say that the CCI family is always ready to learn from each other, and most definitely ready to socialize together.

Dan Nielson
Executive Director CCI North Alberta Chapter


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