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July, 13 2023 Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter

FEATURE CONDO: Hearthstone by the Lake

From the Volume 16, Summer 2023 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

HCC #377...One of Burlington’s best kept and most beautiful condominium properties.

Nestled among towering maple and oak trees and blossoming gardens with spectacular views of Lake Ontario, is one of Burlington’s best kept and most beautiful condominium properties, Hearthstone by the Lake.

If you have lived in Burlington for any length of time, and perhaps you are of a certain age, Friday night fish and chips at the Pig and Whistle probably means something to you. As with everything time marches on and although those Friday nights are no more, one building remains on the site. Many may not know that the legendary original heritage building still stands and proudly continues to serve as a community gathering place for the homeowners of Hearthstone by the Lake. Not only does Hearthstone by the Lake share its 5 acres with the original Pig and Whistle heritage building, but this spectacular Condominium has so much more to offer its homeowners.

Hearthstone offers a unique condominium corporation experience where homeowners enjoy a contracted service agreement with the “Clubhouse” which provides specialized services focused on retirement living. These include an in-house full-service restaurant, library and games room, swimming pool, wellness center, in suite housekeeping and handyman services and also 24-hour concierge/security service. All homeowners are required to become members upon purchasing a unit, and the Clubhouse fee collection is part of the Condominium Corporation’s responsibilities.

Built in 1999, Halton Condominium Corporation #377 is a 174-unit, 2 building, condominium corporation that specializes in retirement living, but it is not a retirement home.

This arrangement can present some unique challenges to the Board of Directors that most Condo Boards do not experience. Along with the normal day to day operations, the Board must also work within the contract the Clubhouse has with the Condo Corp and the Homeowners. The Clubhouse also has ownership of suites in the building. With nearly 50 clubhouse staff on site, this again presents a unique situation and a great deal of challenges for the Board of Directors. 

Along with the Property Manager (part time on site), the Board of Directors has met some of the challenges of this unique set up by having a full time mechanical/maintenance company that provides an onsite manager and staff on site full time and available 24/7. The Board has shared a relationship with this Company for nearly 20 years offering continuity, familiarity and confidence to all the Homeowners.

Working closely with the Board their role is to keep every aspect of mechanical maintenance, fire safety training, emergency training, all safety issues and building maintenance running smoothly. This includes, but is not limited to, all mechanical systems (heat pumps, all environmental equipment, and keeping homeowner’s investment safe) common area housekeeping, janitorial duties (garbage and recycling, painting, repairs) along with managing the gardens and grounds. Our full time maintenance company also addresses more critical situations such as floods, fires and infection control which was paramount during the Covid 19 pandemic.

It is worthy of noting that during the Covid Pandemic there were no outbreaks at Hearthstone by the Lake due to the systems put in place and the cooperation of the Homeowners, families, the Clubhouse Staff and the Board of Directors, Property Manager, and the on-Site Management. We are proud of this huge accomplishment.

One of the greatest challenges, focus and purpose of the Board, is to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the Residents of Hearthstone. To promote health and wellbeing, social and economic support while ensuring that privacy and dignity are upheld for all. Inside this condominium you would never know that 24 hour nursing care was being provided to many Homeowners.

In addition to all of this, as in all Condos, it is the responsibility of the Board to ensure that all 50 staff are trained in fire safety, and work closely with the Burlington Fire Marshall to ensure that every aspect of fire safety requirements are met or exceeded. A very critical role carried out by the Property Manager and the On-site Maintenance staff. Other safety training of the staff includes detailed training in a very specific Emergency Plan manual written for the unique operations at Hearthstone. Every employee must be fully trained before they start their first shift. This policy is a joint agreement with the Clubhouse that is strictly enforced by the Board.

For those looking for a comprehensive and unique retirement experience Hearthstone by the Lake seems to tick all the boxes. The dedication of the staff, Management, Board of Directors, On-site Manager and Property Manager ensure that the needs of all homeowners are surpassed and that life on the Lake is as enjoyable as possible.


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