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From the Volume 34 issue of the CCI Eastern Ontario Condo Contact Magazine

In these days of social media the term “Influencer” is used to label persons who are key to a particular movement or activity. CCI - EO ‘s Executive is chock-a-block full of Influencers especially at the National level of CCI. Starting at the top is Andrée Ball who is the President of CCI National - the alliance of 17 Condominium Chapters from across the country representing millions of condominium owners. Members from across Canada elected Andrée to this position in recognition of her extraordinary leadership and organizational skills. Andrée is Director of Client Relations for Keller Engineering.

The 17 CCI Chapters from across the country meet annually to share updates in legislation and overall gains in the condominium industry and two of CCI-EO ‘s Directors are key members of the organizing committee for the National Leaders’ Forum (“NLF”) to be held in Saskatoon May 30 to June 3, 2023. Michael Lewicki (Terra Firma RE) and Stacey Malcom (Condominium Management Group) both sit on the National Events Committee and work very hard to set an agenda of topics which help us to deal with the challenges of living in condominiums.

It goes without saying that liaising with government officials regarding legislation and change is key to influencing. As it happens our President, Nancy Houle is the Chair of the Government Relations Committee for CCI-National. Her committee will be presenting attendees to the NLF with insight as to how to engage with governments and changes that have recently occurred across the country.

Finally, there are influencers who have been recognized as Leaders of the CCI - LCCI. These are professionals or trade experts within the condominium industry have and continue to share and provide their knowledge and expertise with all of us. In the past year Andrée Ball, Michael Lewicki, Anne Burgoon (Eastern Ontario Property Management), all members of Eastern Ontario’s Executive, have been so recognized. Most recently our President, Nancy Houle (Partner at Davidson Houle Allen LLP), and Co-Vice President, Noah Johnston (Vice President at Sentinel Management), also received their LCCI designation.

It is important to note that this recognition of professional excellence is not restricted to CCI-EO’s executive level (details on applying for LCCI can be found here). Many of our members are keen and active volunteers working on our educational events and communications and they too have been recognized for their work. Most recent inductees are Cheryll Wood (Newsletter Co-Editor and Counsel at Davidson Houle Allen), Michelle Compton (President at iCondo Property Management), and Christy Allen (Partner at Davidson Houle Allen LLP).

In all CCI – EO’s “Influencers” are representative of extremely strong leadership at the National level. CCI-EO benefits from a very talented support team of volunteers.



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