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October, 30 2023 Published by Manitoba Chapter

CCI Manitoba’s Annual General Meeting (AGM)

From the CCI Manitoba Fall 2023 Condominium News and Views Magazine

The Annual General Meeting was a fun-filled event held Sept. 23 at Assiniboia Downs with a Manitoba Derby theme that brought out fancy hats and bow ties. The evening started at 5 p.m. with registration and networking, with drinks and appetizers available. The AGM proper started at 6 p.m. and was followed by awards presentations, then horse racing and networking for the rest of the evening.

We want to thank all of our members who attended the event and, based on the smiles on their faces, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. 

We especially want to thank our sponsors, who are key to our ability  to deliver value to our members. Without our sponsors, we would not be able to provide free networking events such as our AGM, our Presidents’ Forum, our Treasurers’ Forum and free registration for our lunch & learn education events. They are key business partners that support the condominium industry in Manitoba and, in some cases, across the country. We greatly appreciate their continued support. 

In addition to their financial support, our sponsors make their industry expertise available to us by answering our questions, providing content for our newsletter and making presentations at our education events. We also often have several CCI directors who are employed by our sponsors.

Jane Lecours Volunteer Award Presented to Jim Johnstone

At our AGM we present an award in recognition of an outstanding volunteer in the condominium community in memory of Jane Lecours, a past president of CCI Manitoba and long-time property manager. This year’s award winner is Jim Johnstone of WCC 1083 Redview Terrace, who was nominated by Elvin Klassen and Ron Rossnagel and whose nomination was endorsed by the majority of Redview Terrace’s condo unit owners.  

Here is the substance of the nomination:

“Redview Terrace is a 50-unit condo that was opened in 2021. Jim volunteered and was elected to the first three-member board. He served as treasurer with additional responsibilities. He was the main contact with the builder, Cobblestone, and assumed all immediate responsibilities when they left. This involved many meetings with the other two board members, the management company and Cobblestone."

“Jim has done the following:

  • As treasurer, kept accurate audited financial records and reported to the AGM
  • Attended most Friday social gatherings of the condo and communicated with the owners
  • Negotiated lawn care and snow clearing contracts for the yard
  • Was involved with negotiating and setting up the sprinkler system
  • Set up garbage and recycling disposal bins and organized a committee to maintain them
  • With board approval, purchased additional equipment for the exercise room
  • Participated in establishing condo committees to organize activities and therefore involve the community with supervision by the board, which decreases our maintenance costs
  • Actively becomes involved in group work activities. Examples: sodding yard, moving bins, adding sprinkler system, spraying weeds, purchasing and installing picnic benches
  • Takes care to follow regulations to safeguard the condo corporation from any legal repercussions. Example: snow entrance clearing, ice removal and exercise room liabilities."

“Jim is frequently seen up in the early mornings as well as during the day to manage yard and building conditions. As well, he is known to socially connect with other condo members, takes them for breakfast/dinner, organizes group dinners and rides for the disabled, etc. As a leader, he meets with people who have dissenting views but does not talk about them behind their backs. He took an active part in getting people to nominate members to an expanding board and to get their proxy in if they could not attend special meetings."

“Jim is friendly, greets and takes time for condo members when he meets them in the hallways. He is very familiar with mechanical operations of our building and therefore saves us from calling other specialists for advice. As an inaugural board member, Jim went up and above the call of duty. ” 


Jane Lecours, who died in February 2021, was a leader in Manitoba's condominium industry for more than 25 years. Jane was a proud, committed and well-respected member of CCI. She served on the Board of Directors of CCI Manitoba for many years and served as president of the board from 2011 to 2013. She also served as the Manitoba Chapter national representative from 2011 to 2020. Over the years, Jane served on a number of CCI committees, both provincially and nationally. Throughout her career in property management, Jane’s knowledge, experience and expertise were legendary. Jane was the consummate volunteer, going above and beyond and giving many hours of her time promoting the condominium community. Jane’s devotion both personally and professionally led to many friendships, which she valued immensely.

Congrats to the fancy hats and bowties contestants

An abundance of fancy hats and bowties added to the fun at Sept. 23’s Manitoba Derby-themed Annual General Meeting. We are thankful for the participation of so many members.

Sponsors and new members at the AGM

CCI directors caught on camera

Membership contest winners

For the past few years we’ve had contests for new membership referral and early membership renewal. This year’s winner of the membership referral contest is Ann Krawchuk of WCC 613, who received a $500 Visa gift card. The winner of the early renewal contest is WCC 31, Hearthstone Estate, which had its membership fee refunded. 


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