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October, 30 2023 Published by Manitoba Chapter

Meet the four re-elected CCI Manitoba directors

From the CCI Manitoba Fall 2023 Condominium News and Views Magazine

We have 15 positions on our Board of Directors, with each director normally serving a three-year term. The terms are staggered so that our members elect five each year at our annual general meeting (AGM). At the AGM held Sept. 23 at Assiniboia Downs, four directors were re-elected to our board, bringing the total serving to 14. There is one vacancy.

This year, four of the five directors whose terms were expiring ran again and were re-elected. They are Carl Dalton, Mara Doctoroff, Audrey Harder, and Seth Henoch. The director who decided not to run for re-election is Connie Dame, who had been on the board since 2017. She has been an ardent supporter of our education programs, a chair of multiple committees and continues to be one of our key sponsors. For all that she has done, we are very thankful.

The profiles that follow highlight the diversity of skills and experiences our directors bring to our board. Perhaps they will inspire you to consider sharing your skills and abilities with us in the future, either as a committee member or as a director.

Carl Dalton 

Carl Dalton is a lawyer with Tapper Cuddy LLP in Winnipeg. Carl practises in the area of condominium law. He was introduced to CCI Manitoba in 2017 and started attending education sessions and events. He says that experience has given him an appreciation of how CCI Manitoba brings the condo community together.

Carl has been on the board of CCI Manitoba for the past three years. He hopes to work with the Education and Government Relations committees.

Mara Doctoroff

Mara Doctoroff is a property manager within the condominium division of Cushman and Wakefield Stevenson and joined the Board of Directors earlier this year to fill a vacant position. She says that was an easy decision to make because CCI has been instrumental in providing her with the education and support needed to become a confident property manager and to provide a higher level of service to the owners and boards at all of the properties in her portfolio.

Mara is passionate about the benefits of being a CCI member and shares her knowledge with her owners, boards and colleagues. She is looking forward to being an active board member for another year. 

Audrey Harder

Audrey Harder joined the CCI Board of Directors, as treasurer, In October 2020. She brings with her more than 20 years of experience working in finance and accounting. Audrey has been with Schinkel Properties Inc. since 2011. Starting as property accountant, she transitioned to property manager and now manages the team. She says her knowledge and understanding of the Condominium Act have helped her team provide proper property management support, by helping the Boards of Directors navigate and understand the processes and protocols.

She has been able to expand her team and spread company awareness throughout Southern Manitoba. Her drive and determination to provide genuine care to all staff and condominium owners shows daily.

Audrey enjoys helping her team to learn and grow. She enjoys meeting new people and providing them with the knowledge they need to manage their property successfully.

Seth Henoch

Seth Henoch joined BFL CANADA Risk and Insurance Services Inc. in 2013 as a vice-president, client executive in Winnipeg and has 15 years of experience in the industry.

Seth has spent his career focussing on real estate and property management insurance, including condominium, apartment and commercial risks. He is the head of the BFL Canada Real Estate Division for Manitoba and Northwestern Ontario.

Seth sits on the Communications, Education and Sponsorship committees for CCI Manitoba. He is secretary on the CCI Northwestern Ontario board and sits on the CCI National Risk Management and Finance committees.

Your name could be here soon

Each fall at the CCI Manitoba AGM, we elect five directors to our Board of Directors. Perhaps you would consider putting your name forward to join our board at the next AGM. If you’re not quite ready to become a director, how about volunteering for one of our committees? If you are interested in getting involved with CCI Manitoba, please send us a letter or email or give us a phone call. 

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