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January 15, 2024 Published by South Alberta Chapter

2023 South Alberta Condominium of The Year Winner

From the Winter 2024 issue of the CCI South Alberta CCI Review

Sanderson Ridge!

On October 26, 2023, the winner for the 2023 Condominium of the Year award wasannounced at the Canadian Condominium Institutes South Alberta Chapter’s annualgeneral meeting. The judges were impressed by the caliber of nominationsrepresenting a wide array of corporations. The recipient of this distinguished honourwas Sanderson Ridge Condominium Corporation located in Calgary’s southwestcommunity of Evergreen. They demonstrated unwavering commitment to governanceand community engagement.

The governance of Sanderson Ridge starts with adhering to its mission, vision, andvalues statements which guides the Board's decisions. The skilled, engaged, andcompetent board members are dedicated to delivering effective, efficient, andrespectful services to its residents with full transparency of its operations andfinances. The Board actively considers its succession planning encouraging the diverseskill set required to manage the corporation. Governance is continually being lookedat, reviewed and improved with strategies, policies and updating bylaws.

The commitment of the board is further supported by their management companyConnelly & Company Management Ltd.. Upon hearing the news of Sanderson Ridge'srecognition, Bridgit Kong, Condominium Manager at Connelly & CompanyManagement Ltd., expressed her pleasure, stating, "Sanderson's success comes fromengaged Owners who understand that condo living is communal living, and manyhands make light work. Connelly Management, with 40+ years in the industry, is proudto team up with passionate Board members—past, present, and future—who see condoliving as both an art and a science. Here, everyone pitches in to make Sanderson ahome that lasts a lifetime."

CCI South Alberta extends our warmest congratulations to the condominium board, their fellowresidents and everyone involved in making Sanderson Ridge Condominium community deserving ofCCI South Alberta’s 2023 Condominium of the Year Award!

As we celebrate this achievement, we look forward to seeing Sanderson Ridge continue to inspireexcellence and set a shining example for condominium communities across the nation.Congratulations once again to Sanderson Ridge Condominium Corporation, a well-deserved winner ofthe 2023 Condominium of the Year award!

– CCI South Alberta Chapter


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