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Condo Etiquette

From the Spring 2016 issue of the CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine.

Are You a Good Neighbour? What Above and Beyond Thing(s) Do You Do When Interacting With Neighbours in Your Community? What Has a Neighbour Done for You That You Feel Makes Them a Good Neighbour?

1) Cut their grass. - Annonymous

2) I say hello to people and I listen to their concerns as they arise. I am mindful of any noise levels, so as to not disrupt. I hold doors open if someone has their hands full with bags etc. I knock on someone's door to tell them they left their key in the door lock.

I have a neighbour I can trust to look after my cat when I'm away. He also does small repairs in my unit. He doesn't want me to pay him, just to tell him thank you! – Mirella A.

3) I helped a neighbour carry a sofa down a flight of stairs. I knocked on a neighbour's door to tell them they had left their keys in the door lock. I returned a TD Visa card, I found in the parking lot to the bank.

A neighbour cooked us dinner on a propane BBQ during a power outage. – Richard E.

4) I have a homebound 99 year old neighbour. She requires and received 24 hour, 7 day care. I visit her maybe once a week and when I travel, I bring back books or buy books on fashion or on the history of women – both interests of hers. I also respect boundaries. I am not a member of her family. Staff are now dealing with end of life issues so it is not always appropriate to visit. – Ellen M.

5) My building has underground parking. Whenever I am leaving an elevator to go to my car and see another resident coming, I hold the elevator door for them as they scan their fob and enter the building, to avoid them having to push the up button and wait. People are always appreciative of this small gesture of consideration. – Marc B.

6) Lead social community guests to integrate people together and increase social capital in building relationships amongst residents and community – William C.

7) I always greet people and I spend a lot of time on the board. – Henry


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