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COVID-19 Uniting Your Community

From the Summer 2020 issue of the CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine.

April 2020 CondoSTRENGTH Virtual Session Recap

CCI-T CondoSTRENGTH Committee held its very first virtual networking event– COVID-19; Uniting Your Community, on April 29th, 2020 via Zoom. This session provided an opportunity for directors to come and share how their condominiums have adapted to this change and learn from one another the positive outcomes and community that they are proud of during these challenging times. The session was well attended, and the feedback was well received! A big thank you to our facilitators!

Here are some highlights from the discussion:

  • Many condo corporations reported that they saw a rise in the use of technology during the pandemic and were engaging in more communication with residents on a weekly basis. This increased communication with residents is expected to continue into the future. The pandemic has ultimately showed them that other options do exist as opposed to traditional in-person board meetings.
  • Some condo corporations indicated that they were paying bonuses to their concierge and cleaning staff to show appreciation.
  • Some residents offered to shop for their isolated neighbours.
  • One condo corporation reported holding a floor block party with physical distancing as well as a virtual cocktail party.

Thanks to all directors who participated in this event and who shared their community stories. We invite all CCI Condo Director members to attend future networking sessions!


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