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April, 1 2021 Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - By Tania Haluk, Antoni Casalinuovo, Patrick Greco, Andrea Lusk

Condos, Case Law, and COVID

From the Spring 2021 issue of the CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine.

Webinar Recap

CCI-T Held a Condos, Case Law, and COVID: A Year in Review Webinar on December 11, 2020

CCI Toronto held its highly anticipated Case Law Review on Friday, December 11th, 2020. The webinar, which continued the annual holiday tradition of learning what kind of legal trouble Condos and Condo Owners can get into, had the highest attendance of all CCI-T webinars in 2020. The session included lively discussions of current and recent Condo Law cases as well as new legislative updates, capably reviewed by experts Andrea Lusk of Gardiner Miller Arnold LLP, Antoni Casalinuovo of Elia Associates PC, Patrick Greco of Shibley Righton LLP, and moderator Tania Haluk of Wilson Blanchard Management, all wearing festive sweaters to help celebrate the season.

During the discussion, attendees were polled for their input about a number of the cases being reviewed, and as a result, we now know that 30% of people do not shut off their water when they go on holiday – a risky habit, as demonstrated in one of the featured cases. We also asked attendees for their feedback about the webinar in the post-event survey, and they said:

  • Moderator and speakers were all excellent and provided easy to follow summaries of the salient points of the cases court's decisions. What I heard (as a Director) is that Boards and Property Managers, have to, in all cases, be careful, reasonable and thorough and document everything.
  • All the presenters spoke clearly and precisely. No "ums and ahs". They made their points, they knew their topics and did a great job.
  • I always find the year in review session very interesting and informative. I'm happy to recommend these sessions to others.
  • As a director, all the information is very relevant. It is helpful to see how other condos have handled similar situations.
  • This always turns out to be my favourite session. The panel always does a good job in selecting the cases to be presented.

Congratulations to Diana Soos and Daniel Gallagher, winners of the holiday door prizes!

CCI Toronto wishes all its members and their families a very happy Holiday season and best wishes for the new year. We look forward to seeing you at Chapter events in 2021!


Special thanks to our webinar sponsor


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