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Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations

January, 9 2023 - Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter - Author(s): Jordan Vandervelde, Will MacKay, Ryan Griffiths

Managing Projects in an Era of High Inflation

From the Volume 14, Winter 2023 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations

August, 25 2022 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Ryan Griffiths

The Changes of Construction Costs In Your Condominium

From food prices to gas prices, mortgage rates to rental rates, there isn’t a sector on this big blue rock that hasn’t been effected by the recent rise in inflation.

Financial Matters

July, 8 2022 - Published by Huronia Chapter - Author(s): Ryan Griffiths, Robert Weinberg, Chris Jaglowitz


From the CCI Huronia Summer 2022 Condo Buzz Newsletter

Repairs, Maintenance and Renovations

February, 2 2022 - Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - Author(s): Ryan Griffiths

Window Pain

From the Winter 2021 issue of CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine, Volume 26, Issue Number 2

Financial Matters

April, 1 2021 - Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - Author(s): Ryan Griffiths

Special Assessments

From the Spring 2021 issue of the CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine.


March, 31 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter - Author(s): Sonja Hodis, Patricia Elia, Ashley Winberg, Michele Farley, Mina Tesseris, Debbie Dale, Jeff Struewing, Evan Shkolnik, Ryan Griffiths, Ashley Lamb

COVID-19- A Discussion with Condo Industry Experts on How to Handle this Crisis

Join our panel of experts in our second webinar in the series as they talk about CCI’s efforts to obtain necessary legislative changes for condos, Borrowing, Communication Strategies, Fire Code and Tarion updates, Reserve Funds, Force Majeure , Requests for Accommodation under Human Rights Code, Protocols for Moving/Deliveries, Showings, Visitors, & Access to essential common amenities, and a condo's ability to enforcing self isolation and quarantine rules

Financial Matters

January, 14 2019 - Published by Toronto and Area Chapter - Author(s): Ryan Griffiths

Leveraging Your Existing Budget

From the Winter 2018 issue of the CCI Toronto Condovoice Magazine.

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