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Specific Legal Issues

January, 9 2023 - Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter - Author(s): Stephanie Sutherland

Tenants, Landlord Unit Owners, and Condos: How to Create Harmony in Your Condo Community

From the Volume 14, Winter 2023 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

Purchasing/Living in a Condominium

June, 22 2022 - Published by Golden Horseshoe Chapter - Author(s): Stephanie Sutherland

Purchasing and Selling Condominium Units: The Importance of the Status Certificate

From the Volume 12, Summer 2022 issue of the CCI GHC Condo News Magazine

Specific Legal Issues

November, 24 2021 - Published by London and Area Chapter - Author(s): Stephanie Sutherland, LL.B.

Nuisances, Annoyances and Disruptions: CAT Jurisdiction Expanding

From the CCI Review 2021/2022—November 2021 issue of the CCI London Chapter


March, 17 2020 - Published by Other - Author(s): Stephanie Sutherland, Laura Glithero

Condos and Covid-19

Basic information and recommendations for those living and working in condominiums, in this time of Covid-19.

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