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Common Issues

January, 5 2023 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Sara Hicks

Fly On Snowbird

Snowbirds! Do not fly the coop just yet. I want to share a few reminders before you lock the door and kiss the winter goodbye.

Purchasing/Living in a Condominium

September, 8 2022 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Sara Hicks, B.A.,(H.), OLCM, RCM, LCCI

Students in Condominiums: Parking, Noise and Garbage Oh My!

Ah, September in Ontario. The nights begin to cool, the school buses are back on the roads, the condo visitor parking lot is full of unauthorized cars…

Property Management Issues

June, 16 2022 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Sara Hicks

Condo Chameleons- What does a Property Manager even do?

“What do you do for a living?” – the hardest question ever asked to a condominium manager. When I first started to write this, I thought about what it is to be a condominium manager, and how hard the job is to explain to people at dinner parties. Remember dinner parties?

Board of Directors and Meetings

November, 18 2021 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): Sara Hicks

Positive Communication: Email Edition

If you partake with the internet (and if you are reading this, you do at least dabble) then you have no doubt come across unpleasant online exchanges in some capacity.

Property Management Issues

May, 7 2020 - Published by Grand River Chapter - Author(s): SARA HICKS

A Day in the Life of a Property Manager

What do you think of when you hear ‘property manager?’ When people ask me what I do for a living, and ‘property manager’ is my response, I am usually met by a blank stare...

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