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Common Issues

June, 10 2021 - Published by CCI National

CCI National - Managing Owner Expectations

Condominiums/Stratas  are a collection of strangers living together in a communal setting. Some people are interested in protecting their investment while others are expecting a hands free lifestyle at whatever cost. The panel discussed how to manage owner’s expectations and solutions for effective communication to avoid  conflict and the costs associated therewith. [Read More]

May, 3 2021 - Published by CCI National

IBC Resources Business Insurance Help

Business Insurance Questions?
Call IBC's Business Insurance Helpline
at 1-844-2ask-IBC (1-844-227-5422).

Resources – IBC

Insurance Issues

May, 1 2021 - Published by Other - Author(s): CCI National

IBC National Commercial Insurance Task Force Final Report

When Canada’s property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry launched its National Commercial Insurance Task Force (Task Force) in January 2020, its initial focus was to help those businesses and organizations, such as condominium and strata corporations, struggling to find affordable insurance options in a hardening commercial insurance market. Then COVID-19 hit.

Financial Matters

April, 15 2021 - Published by CCI National

CCI National - Financial Statements Translating the Numbers

Financial experts from across Canada as offered a practical lesson on how to read and interpret your condo or strata financial statements. Learn what to look for in the numbers and the types of questions you should ask. [Read More]

Specific Legal Issues

January, 15 2021 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Nancy Houle - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

The Silver Lining – Condominium Meetings and Accessibility

I think it’s fair to say that the pandemic has mainly worsened life for all of us – and has been particularly tough on many.

In this blog, however, I’d like to reflect on some “silver linings” in this awful cloud.

Insurance Issues

January, 11 2021 - Published by Other - Author(s): IBC

Condominium/Strata Corporation Insurance Q & A

Insurance Bureau of Canada and the insurance industry recognize the seriousness of the insurance affordability issues some condominium and strata corporations and owners are currently facing. In response, the insurance industry has developed a Condominium/Strata Action Plan that will help find solutions to improve insurability. By working together with all stakeholders we believe we can help find solutions to stabilize insurance costs.

Specific Legal Issues

January, 8 2021 - Published by CCI National - Author(s): Mohiminol Khandaker - Davidson Houle Allen LLP

Government Holds Consultations on Legislative Changes Enabling Virtual Processes Under the Condominium Act

The government is currently holding written public consultations about making permanent changes to the legislation to enable virtual and digital processes under the Condominium Act, 1998. Click below to learn more about what changes are being considered and how you can provide your feedback.

Reserve Funds and Reserve Fund Studies

November, 6 2020 - Published by Manitoba Chapter - Author(s): Melanie Chatfield, Alan Forbes

Considering Energy Efficiency As Part Of The Reserve Fund Study (RFS) Process

Energy audits and modelling can be very useful in conjunction with reserve fund studies (RFS) to identify upgrade projects to reduce the total cost of building ownership (TCBO).

Insurance Issues

October, 22 2020 - Published by CCI National

CCI National Insurance Webinar

Our national panel of insurance professionals shared their experiences from coast to coast and helped you understand why condos/stratas are in this position and what can be done to minimize the impact. We also learned about what CCI National is doing with the Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) to help raise awareness of this issue on a national scale. [Read More]

Board of Directors and Meetings

October, 16 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter

Virtual Meetings

Virtual Meetings are the new norm.

Join our "Zoom Master" who will you give some tips on how to use Zoom and the features within it during your meetings.

Also join our panel of lawyers and property managers who will take you through the process of holding a meeting virtually, provide tips and point out traps to avoid based on their experiences to date. [Read More]

Insurance Issues

September, 21 2020 - Published by CCI National

CCI-N Insurance Summary Chart Request

CCI chapters across the country have clearly heard from their members about the unexpected changes in condominium insurance. These changes have ranged from increases in premiums to the denial of coverage and have resulted in an condominium insurance crisis.


September, 18 2020 - Published by Huronia Chapter

The New Normal - What Does Condo Land Look Like Now?

Join Sonja Hodis and a great line up of guests from chapters across Ontario as we discuss what Condo Land looks like after 6 months of living through the COVID pandemic. CCI Huronia would like to thank our webinar sponsors: Elia Associates, FCS Fire Consulting, Cion Coulter, Percel Property Management, Bayshore Property Management, and Integrity Property Management [Read More]

The Basics

September, 17 2020 - CCI Original Content - Published by CCI National

Part 1: Introduction – Director Basics

Introduction: Congratulations on becoming a Condominium Director! Directors make a significant community contribution and this course will improve the level of professionalism you can offer to your community.

The Basics

September, 17 2020 - CCI Original Content - Published by CCI National

Part 2: Getting Started as a Director

History: Condominiums are not a new concept. In one form or another, they have been around for thousands of years.

The Basics

September, 17 2020 - CCI Original Content - Published by CCI National

Part 3: The Director’s Responsibilities and Governance

Provincial Legislation is created largely as consumer protection legislation designed to protect the rights of owners. As such, it has many sections setting out insurance, maintenance and repair, creation of its Declaration, by-laws and rules.

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